10 Signs You Are Incomplete Without Your Better Half

♫ It’s always better when we’re together ♫ Ever see something that reminds you of your better half, and you can’t help but smile? It’s all about the times you spent together, because And Is Better.

1. Whenever you’d cook dinner, it was really just an excuse to pick on one another.

Seriously, when is cooking ever this much fun?

2. A road trip was always the perfect excuse to hang out and listen to awesome tunes together.

And nothing beats that road trip playlist when you need something to cheer you up in a pinch.

3. Whenever something good happens, you immediately want to tell them.

Even if it’s small and insignificant, you know they’ll want to know all about it!

4. You judge other couples because you know you and your squeeze are way cuter.

Because no one can come close to the level of your relationship.

5. The smell of coffee reminds you of those Sundays when you’d both sleep in.

Assuming one of you actually managed to get out of bed to make coffee!

6. The movies just aren’t the same when you go with other people.

You can only stand to share your popcorn with that one special person, and nobody else.

7. A beautiful sunrise feels incomplete without them by your side.

Posting a sunset photo on Instagram just isn’t the same.

8. When it rains, you remember that time you huddled close under an umbrella.

Of course, you hoped there would only be one umbrella so you’d be forced to share.

9. You’ve even started taking pictures of things you both like, so you can share them later.

This is also cheaper than buying each other presents. It’s a win-win!

10. No matter what happens, you know things are always better when you’re together.

They might be a handful from time to time, but in the end, it’s totally worth it.

So what are you waiting for?! Go find your other half and let them know how you really feel!

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