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      Paul well qualified to only be Vice President, needs to up his game to be President*.
      Paraphrased by Me from
      E. J. DIONNE Jr., Special to the New York Times Published: September 18, 1987
      Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr confessed he plagiarized a law review article. He also said his using material from others’ speeches was” ”much ado about nothing.” To structure his contentions of honesty and candidness Mr. Biden released all the records of his years at Syracuse University College of Law. It disclosed comparatively poor grades in college and law school, varied evaluations from educators and specifics of the plagiarism.
      (Thought-provoking to me that the MEDIA referred to President Bush as “Jr.” and he is not, conversely, I have on no occasion heard, V.P Al Gore Jr. or Mr. Biden called Jr. ) * New York Times reporter Janny Scott first reported over a year ago, Obama lied about his cancer-stricken mother being denied coverage for her pre-existing condition. By Jonah Goldberg June 23, 2012 | 4:00am

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