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    The 12 Craziest Things Kids Say About Food

    Kids say the darndest things!

    1. "This tzatziki makes me want to do a little dance!"

    Photo by Kelly Campbell for FoodCorps / Via

    We feel you. It's hard to eat tzatziki without jumping for joy.

    2. "When I ate my slider it made my taste buds go Boom Shocka Locka! Boom Shocka Locka!'

    Photo by Kelly Campbell for FoodCorps / Via

    Kids really do seem to enjoy dancing after eating. We'll bet our legs can't dance half as well as her taste buds.

    3. "One time, I ate an apple and I was full for 7 days!"

    Photo by Kelly Campbell for FoodCorps / Via

    That's one crazy apple!

    4. "This smoothie tastes like recess!"

    Photo by Kelly Campbell for FoodCorps / Via

    Good food and playtime? We'll take 'em both, please.

    5. "These are better than gushers!"

    Photo by Kelly Campbell for FoodCorps / Via

    That cherry tomato is maybe just a little bigger than a gusher, but we'll bet it is better!

    6. "My mom says if you don't eat tomatoes you're not American."

    Photo by Kelly Campbell for FoodCorps / Via

    Bold statement. Guess we'd better eat our tomatoes.

    7. “I used to hate raspberries because they were hairy, but now I love them! Now I’m going to eat them all the time!”

    Photo by Whitney Kidder for FoodCorps / Via

    Hairy berries might seem yucky, but they can be so yummy!

    8. "You have to try 3 or 4. It's a 'REQUIRED' taste."

    Photo by Kelly Campbell for FoodCorps / Via

    This gal REALLY likes her kale, and you'd better too.

    9. "It tastes like rainbows in my mouth!"

    FoodCorps Service Site in Calveras County, CA / Via

    Who needs skittles, amirite?

    10. "My favorite fruit or vegetable is pig's feet."


    Uh, sorry to break it to you, but that's not a fruit or a vegetable.

    11. "We eat whole grains so when we get old, we can look like we did in our 20s."

    Photo by Alex Freedman, FoodCorps fellow / Via

    Do you even know what someone in their twenties looks like?

    12. "Next year, for my birthday, instead of cake, I want a cabbage!!!"

    Photo by Willie Nash, Host Site Supervisor, Mississippi / Via

    Planning already? Alright, we got you!

    If you want to spend a year listening kids saying crazy adorable things about food, learn more about the application for FoodCorps at

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