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The 12 Craziest Things Kids Say About Food

Kids say the darndest things!

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2. "When I ate my slider it made my taste buds go Boom Shocka Locka! Boom Shocka Locka!'

Photo by Kelly Campbell for FoodCorps / Via

Kids really do seem to enjoy dancing after eating. We'll bet our legs can't dance half as well as her taste buds.

7. “I used to hate raspberries because they were hairy, but now I love them! Now I’m going to eat them all the time!”

Photo by Whitney Kidder for FoodCorps / Via

Hairy berries might seem yucky, but they can be so yummy!

11. "We eat whole grains so when we get old, we can look like we did in our 20s."

Photo by Alex Freedman, FoodCorps fellow / Via

Do you even know what someone in their twenties looks like?

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