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    McDonald's Lawyers Outsmart San Francisco's Happy Meal Ban

    The hotly discussed "Happy Meal Ban" was supposed to take effect December 1st in San Francisco, CA. Did you think McDonald's would take that lying down?

    The hotly contested McDonald’s Happy Meal Ban in San Francisco is set to go into effect on Thursday, December 1st — just a few days away. The new law would force restaurants to comply with city-generated nutritional standards to include a toy with their meals. Issue? Not even McDonald’s newly released “healthier” happy meals will meet those standards, according to an SF Weekly blog post.

    Leave it to McDonald’s to turn a potential negative into a potential positive for their bottom line. Come December 1st, you can still buy the “Happy Meal,” but it doesn’t come with a toy. If you’re looking for a toy…it’ll cost you an extra 10-cents.

    For the moment, it seems McDonald’s has found a way around the Happy Meal Ban. Looks like the next move belongs to San Francisco’s Supervisor Eric Mar and his legislative team.