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    18 Things To Eat In Bristol... That Were Missed Off The Last List

    We all loved 18 Things Everyone Needs To Eat In Bristol but felt there were some crucial missing spots. So we gave them their own list...

    1. Tea and gluten-free almond and orange cake at The Bird Cage, Corn Street

    2. Burger and a pale ale at Grillstock, Clifton & St Nic's Market

    3. A giant sandwich that can only have come from Maximillions on Broad Street

    4. Coffee, crepes and orange juice from The Crepe and Coffee Cabin, Prince Bridge

    5. Sausage and mash at The Clifton Sausage

    6. A falafel stuffed pitta from Eat A Pitta in St Nic's Market


    Fast, bustling and full of the good stuff: Eat A Pitta is so St Nic's!

    7. Warm, sticky Chelsea buns from Mark's Bakery, North Street

    8. Sushi at Sky Kong Kong, Haymarket

    9. Double cheese and bacon burger from YoYo, Byron Place

    10. Tom's Pie and a pint at The Windmill, Totterdown

    11. Vegan lasagne from The Spotless Leopard, Clifton

    12. Milkshakes at Rocotillo's, Queens Row

    13. Early evening menu at Zazu's Kitchen, North Street & Gloucester Road

    14. A thin, crispy, mouthwatering pizza from Bertha's Sourdough Pizza, on the move around Bristol

    15. A giant, stacked bagel from Bagel Boy, St Nicholas Street

    16. The best hot chocolate in town at Bar Chocolat, Clifton

    17. A freshly made vegan sandwich and a Fairtrade coffee from Southville Deli, North Street

    18. Steak from Steak of the Art, Cathedral Walk