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9 Amazing Ways To Get Tipsy (Or Drunk) Without Your Usual Wine Or Beer

Booze is delicious in edible dessert form. It's also spectacular in its God-given beverage form. Here are nine summer cocktails you must try the next time you either a)need something stiff for yourself or b)don't want to disappoint a houseguest.

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1. Lemon Lime Margaritas

Please, don't go the whole summer (or winter, really) without drinking at least one of these. With a little less tequila and a little more Cointreau, this is everything a margarita should be: smooth, tart, and easy to drink. Just juice, mix, and start sipping.

Serves as many as you need.

1 part fresh lemon and lime juice, combined

1 part Cointreau

1 part your favorite tequila (the more expensive the less the hangover)

If you have 1 oz. lemon and 1oz. lime, you'll need 2 oz. Cointreau and 2 oz tequila.

Mix all of the above, stir and serve over crushed ice. Crushed ice is important, just trust us.

Make sure you don't have to go to work tomorrow, and enjoy!

2. El Chupacabra

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The translation of this drink’s name, quite literally, is “goat sucker.” If that terrifies you, your instincts are correct: between the cucumber, soda water, and lemon juice, you can hardly taste the alcohol. (This drink dangerous.)

3. Bubbly Manhattan

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All of you diehard Manhattan drinkers, hear us out. Yes, this version has IPA in it, yes, it’s maybe a little blasphemous, but a sip or two should convince you: this cocktail is no less delicious than the real thing. The carbonation from the beer breathes a little life into a tried-and-true recipe.

4. Ginger Sangria

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If traditional Sangria were a small, feisty brunette, this variation would be a tall, leggy blonde. Ginger and peaches work perfectly together, and white wine smoothes out all of the rough edges. Amp up the classiness by serving this in a pretty stem.

5. Horseradish Vodka Bloody Mary

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This is a Bloody Mary with a secret twist: infused vodka. Add horseradish, chiles, and black pepper to your vodka, let the flavors hang out overnight, and your brunch cocktail — bolstered by a smooth, lingering heat — will be better than most Marys you buy at restaurants.

6. Wicked Witch Martini

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Everyone needs a good martini recipe. Consider this yours. It has slightly more vermouth than you might expect, but is still nice and strong. Make one after work, but remember that this is highly drinkable. Our responsibility starts and ends with the recipe.

7. Rhubarb and Rose Ramos Gin Fizz

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Thisriff on a classic 19th century gin fizz updates the recipe with rosewater and rhubarb, but it's still timeless. Mix one for instant refreshment, and daydream you’re drinking it in a stylish salon, discussing something intellectual. It will take you there.

8. Green With Envy

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Aptly named, this drink will make anyone around you who's NOT drinking it jealous. In this modified gin sour, Granny Smith apple provides a sweet-tart kick, bitters add depth, and Tabasco lends a bite of spice. Garnish with a celery leaf, if you’re feeling festive (or just drink it straight from the shaker).

9. Michelada (aka Bloody Beer)

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If you’re looking to go easy at Sunday brunch, this is for you: with tomato juice, citrus, and Worcestershire, it tastes like the real thing, but beer replaces vodka to lighten this drink up. Don’t forget to rim the glass with celery salt, which gives each sip a savory kick.

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