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    8 Interesting Facts About Life And Death

    Just in case you were having a good day, I thought I'd give you something to worry about.

    My favourite saying is "You can prove anything with statistics". And that's exactly what I plan on doing now. Using information taken from the UK's Office Of National Statistics (found here) and the World Health Organization (found here), I'm going to walk you through some interesting facts about life and death.

    1. Where you're from can affect how long you live.


    In a study spanning over 10 years, the ONS calculated that being born in a deprived area lowers your life expectancy dramatically.

    Boys born in deprived areas are expected to live 7.5 years less that boys born in the more affluent areas.

    Girls fair no better. The difference between rich and poor leans 5.6 years in favour of the wealthy.

    2. And your chance of retiring.


    They also calculated that if you're born in a deprived area can effect your chances of having a happy retirement. Only 79% of boys and 87% of girls are predicted to live until 65.

    If your from a richer environment, this goes up to 92% of boys and 94% of girls living until they're at least 65.

    3. Being born now would mean you'd live longer.


    Have you had a baby in the last year? If so, Mazel Tov. Babies born in 2013 are predicted to live into their 90's. 90.7 years for the boys and 94.0 years for the girls.

    Bad news for you guys born in the 90's. The life expectancy is put out at around 73 years for boys and 78 years for girls.

    4. And you have a better chance of living to 100.


    A baby born in 2013 has a 1 in 3 chance of living to be 100. Unfortunately for us reading this (by that I mean 90's kids), we only have about a 1 in 5 chance.

    5. Aged 20-34?


    Most of you reading this are, I am myself. The biggest killer of people in this age bracket is suicide. And has been for many years. 26% of men and 13% of women in this age group die this way in the UK.

    Globally, between the ages of 15 and 29, suicide was the second biggest killer of people.

    Seriously, if you think you need help talk to someone. There are loads of good charities that do great work out there.

    6. Male? Under 25?


    If you are then be careful driving. Men account for 77% of all road traffic deaths worldwide and are 3 times more likely to be killed than women aged under 25. (according to the World Heath Organization)

    7. Women are more accident prone than men.


    Going on the most recent data available (from 2011), women died in more accidents than men.

    78% of injury and poisoning deaths in women were accidental whereas only 61% in men. Be careful out there ladies.

    8. Which country you're from effects how long you should live.


    You'd expect people born in war ravaged countries to have the lowest life expectancy, but that isn't always the case.

    Israel has been at war with Palestine on and off for over 50 years. They come in at number 16 in the countries with the highest life expectancy.

    For those of you keeping score, that's above the UK (22) and the USA (34).

    Australia, a country famous for having all of nature there wanting you dead, comes in at number 5.

    Have a look here to see where your country enters the rankings.

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