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2 Crazy Crossover Fan Theories That Could Well Be True

Sometimes the internet writes better than Michael Bay

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Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead

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What's the theory?.

The blue meth that Jessie and Walt produced during their crazy adventures was the cause of The Walking Dead's zombie outbreak.

Why its not so crazy.

There are a few subtle nods to Breaking Bad thrown into The Walking Dead. Such as...


The above image comes from "Bloodletting" (Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 2). Daryl is looking for some antibiotics in his brother Merle's stash. Don't the crystals at the bottom of the bag look familiar.

Need more evidence?


Gale Boetticher became likable in Breaking Bad by having the above setup simply for making coffee. Funnily enough, Milton Mamet had the exact same set up in his lab in The Walking Dead. (The shoulders joining the pictures is just a happy coincidence)

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AMC / Via

And the final nail in the coffin comes from Season 3, Episode 9 of The Walking Dead. The Governor lists six of his men that have been killed by Rick and his gang. Number 4 in the list is none other than Heisenberg.

Seeing as both the shows are produced by AMC it's most likely that these are just little easter eggs put in by the producers, but if they were to link the two shows together I'm pretty sure the internet would literally explode.

Earl McGraw

A Band Apart Productions

This may seem to be a strange subheading on an article about crossovers, but stay with me. We are all aware of The Tarantino Universe, wherein all of his films connect via a character or two. But this seems to span further, and more specifically into The Robert Rodriguez Universe. And it all links to this man...

Troublemaker Studios

That handsome fellow is Earl McGraw. Depending on which film your watching he varies from a Sheriff to a Ranger. Making his first appearance in Rodriguez's "From Dusk Till Dawn" in 1996 and then into Tarantino's "Kill Bill" in 2003.

He ties in another two movies as well, "Death Proof" (Tarantino) and "Planet Terror" (Rodriguez). He's not the only character to feature in the two universes. Below we have Dr Dakota Block and her charming, and in no way criminally insane husband, Dr William Block.

The Dr's Block above make for an important role in both "Death Proof" and "Planet Terror". And spoilers it turns out the kindly lady Block is a daughter of none other than Sheriff/Ranger Earl McGraw.

Both spoilers McGraw and William Block end up shuffling off this mortal coil in both equally brutal ways, but this still leaves Dakota to tie in some more films for us in the future.

All we need now is "Kill Bill"'s Beatrix Kiddo and "Planet Terror"'s Cherry Darling to merge in a film and have a katana versus leg gun fight and we can all die happy. And if that happens, I want a producers credit for the idea Tarantino!

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