The 13 Worst Things About Wakefield

It’s rubbish.

1. The bus station

It’s just grotty.

2. The weird people who hang out in town

You wouldn’t think it’s that bad, but it really is.

3. Chavs

They’re just everywhere.

4. Chavs in Dablish

They’re always buying stuff but they’ve only got a quid.

5. People who wear these

They think they’re cool, but SWED.

6. Boy racers

They just race around car parks at midnight.

7. People going crazy on a Saturday night

They just act like wild animals.

8. It always ends in a fight

Just like this.

9. There’s nowhere to go for artists

Everyone has to go to Leeds instead.

10. People get right excited when these fountains go on

They’re not even that good.

11. There’s no football team

The only city in England without a team.

12. The rugby team is rubbish

We’d rather not have a team.

13. They never have jelly tots in Grind

So you have to get Jelly Babies instead. The struggle is real.

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