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7 Things Travelers Would Give Up For Cheaper Airfare

Some (if not all) of these might surprise you…

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With all of the extra fees that airlines are charging, it is easy to understand why some travelers may feel that their wallets are being plundered. (Extra charges are even hard to stomach when they are for airline services that we actually want).

So we asked 1,000 travelers what they would be most willing to give up if it helped lower the price of their flight. Here are the bewildering results:

1. Baggage Movers


You have to schlep your stuff to the airport anyway, so why not take it one step further and drop off and pick up your luggage right at the plane? Who knows, maybe your gear will make it in one piece. Either way, at least you will know that your bag made the flight!

4. Restrooms and Emergency Equipment (tied)


In joint fourth place, folks are happy to cross their legs…and, in the case of an emergency, their fingers…

An equal number of survey respondents opted to forego restrooms and in-flight safety equipment, such as oxygen masks and flotation devices.

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