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The New Steller App Is A Thing Of Wonder

Tell stories through photo, video and words in this gloriously visual new app. If you've got the new iPhone, you are seriously never going to stop ogling at this thing.

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Steller is a like the sexy older sister of Instagram and Vine. Rather than snapping and uploading pictures one by one (bor-ing), this shiny jewel of a social network allows you to create 'stories' made up of different pages, where each page can be an image, video or text. This narrative aspect demands more consideration from the creator, and so more respect from other users, and the results really are stunning. Oh, and the best part? Steller just makes stuff look great. Everything: but especially food. The new dawn of smartphone creativity is nigh.

What are you waiting for? To post a new story, you just select one of the beautifully simple layouts and add in as many pages as you see fit. Whether your thing is food, fashion, travel or avant garde photographic experimentation, you can now bring forth into the world a tiny editorial of your own making. The videos play seamlessly to bring the whole thing to life, and the interface is just SO PRETTY. Organise stories into your Collections folder and watch the admirers flock. What's more, the app is optimised for iPhone 5, the 8MP camera of which is more than suitable for turning a boring afternoon into an off-the-cuff art project.

Steller is a perfect example of what makes technology brilliant. By handing users all they need to easily and smartly turn snapshots and videos into considered stories, this app can facilitate and reward creative expression. And then we can all share our slightly exaggerated talent with everyone else out there. What's not to love?

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