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    11 Talents Introverts Don't Realize They Have

    Because self-knowledge is real knowledge.

    1. Nobody enjoys your company like you enjoy your company.

    2. You're a good listener, which makes you a great friend.

    3. Your hobbies are probably intellectually stimulating as well.

    4. You usually think carefully before giving an opinion.

    5. Your ability to do your own thing is impressive!

    6. You tend to catch on to what's going down before other people.

    7. Keeping secrets is second nature with you!

    8. One of your virtues is you don't waste money on just anything.

    9. When you do say something, you can really surprise people.

    10. Contrary to what even you might think, you could be a great leader.

    11. You could give actual lessons on self-knowedge!