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11 Talents Introverts Don't Realize They Have

Because self-knowledge is real knowledge.

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3. Your hobbies are probably intellectually stimulating as well.

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Introverts spend a lot of time on solitary hobbies like reading and writing, so you've been secretly training yourself to be excellent at focusing for years.

4. You usually think carefully before giving an opinion.

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Which is a rare skill in this day and age. Some people may confuse it for shyness, but you prefer to think things through before saying your piece with certainty.


5. Your ability to do your own thing is impressive!

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There are those who need the constant approval of others to function, which definitely is not the case where you're concerned. You don't really like anyone paying too much attention to what you're up to.


10. Contrary to what even you might think, you could be a great leader.

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You may not be the type who loves to talk, but you know how to respect the needs of others, think strategically, and give good advice, especially if you have a mediating personality.