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    17 Must-Have Items For Anyone Who Dreams Of Having Their Own Hipster Home

    Imagine all the likes on Instagram.

    1. A marble surface.

    Ideal for taking photos of your meals.

    2. Things in rose gold.

    Especially those geometrical candle holders, even if you've never purchased a candle in your entire life.

    3. A brick wall.

    Your hipster dream since childhood.

    4. Cool light fixtures with exposed bulbs.

    It doesn't usually light the room up all that well, but it's one hell of a statement piece.

    5. A lovely dish-drying rack.

    6. Burnt-cement wall.

    It could really be made of cement, or just paint that looks the part — it's all the same in the dream.

    7. Cacti and succulent plants, particularly in small concrete vases.

    It looks cool and it's hard to kill.

    8. Black and white geometrical rug.

    The ultimate Pinterest home must-have.

    9. Furry rug chair.

    Oh so soft, oh so chic.

    10. A vase of monstera deliciosa.

    Just think of all the likes it'll get on Instagram.

    11. Knitted throw pillows.

    Your granny never imagined her knitting chops would be so in demand.

    12. That little glass thingy to put candles in.

    But actually, the candle doesn't even matter — it's the glass holder that's the real focus of attention here!

    13. Matching velvet clothes hangers.

    Matching hangers is a rich-person thing. Matching velvet hangers are a rich-hipster thing.

    14. Eames chairs.

    You're dreaming of buying just one of these babies... this person has a dining room with SIX!

    15. Matching jars.

    In the kitchen, bathroom, freakin' everywhere!

    16. A trendy blender or mixer.

    Once you have one, you can put pictures of it on Tinder.

    17. Walls with framed posters.


    This post was translated from Portuguese.

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