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    Posted on Oct 27, 2016

    16 Problems You Have When You're Easily Distracted

    You can watch the same movie millions of times because there will always be a "new part" to watch.

    1. You can never find your keys at home and often find them still sticking out of the front door.

    Twitter: @PabloPvamper

    Thieves don't even bother with your place because you've taken all the thrill out of it.

    2. And you've ordered food to the wrong address before and sat there puzzled when it failed to show up.

    Twitter: @silva_suelenn

    "Where's that damned pizza?!"

    3. You're constantly getting into the shower with your glasses on.

    4. Or running around frantically looking for your glasses before realizing that they were already on your face.

    Twitter: @itsexy1dzjm

    Or trying to put on sunglasses while you're still wearing normal glasses.

    5. When you do get yourself together enough to do something productive, like wash your clothes, you forget to add detergent.

    Twitter: @pcychaos

    "Dammit! It's already on the spin cycle."

    6. You accidentally put stuff in the fridge that has no business being in the fridge.

    7. Even when you've seen a movie a million times, it's still entertaining because there are all these "new parts" you've never seen before

    Disney / Via

    "I don't remember this scene!"

    8. You've accidentally texted yourself before AND HAD ENTIRE CONVERSATIONS.

    Twitter: @Numero2Deuces

    Okay, sure... alcohol may have been involved.

    9. Sometimes you fall into some dead end on the Internet and don't know how you got there.

    And when you eventually snap out of it, you have a bit of an existential crisis.

    10. You've wasted a considerable amount of time trying to get into the wrong car before.


    Your entire life is a walk of shame.

    11. God only knows how many reps you do at the gym.

    Twitter: @coupstan

    Or how few. You've "lost track" more times than you care to admit.

    12. When someone tries to give you directions you can only remember half of the instructions.

    Twitter: @andyjpizza

    It's not like you'd ever manage to get there anyhow.

    13. You hit "forgot my password" more frequently than you actually remember your password.

    Twitter: @Eddiemasses

    "Which one of my three go-to passwords did I use for this account?"

    14. You've spent entire days with your shirt on inside-out.

    Twitter: @chellalberti

    And worse, people just didn't have the heart to tell you.

    15. It's totally normal for you to check the time, then immediately check it again because you didn't have the foggiest idea what you read the first time.

    Twitter: @unbroknnz

    Good going, attention span!

    16. And it's totally normal for you to get completely distracted and not have the faintest idea what you've done for the past several minutes.


    "Oh man, how did I end up here?".

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