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    The 17 Worst Parts Of Having Fine Hair

    Two words: knots and knots.

    1. Even the slightest breeze will leave your hair full of impossible-to-brush-out knots.

    Fizkes / Getty Images

    Knots that then tie themselves into even smaller, tighter knots.

    2. No matter what you try, it's impossible to build up any volume.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    Most people take it for granted, but they don't know what it's like to have totally lifeless hair.

    3. And when you do try, by combing your hair dry, for instance, you just end up looking like a poodle.

    Chris Amaral / Getty Images


    4. Even when you grow up it, it never feels like you've got enough hair to pull off any of the more fashionable styles.

    Paul Hakimata / Getty Images

    Sure, you've grown up, but you've still got the same hair you've had since you were a toddler.

    5. No hair style lasts very long on your head.

    Vicktor_belicak / Getty Images

    You've tried...

    6. And you avoid buns altogether because the results can be PAINFUL.

    7. Need proof that it's possible to make your hair look even thinner than it is? Try bleaching it!

    Panuruangjan / Getty Images

    If it doesn't become too brittle and literally break off your head, that is.

    8. Your whole life is spent dealing with oily hair.

    Meanwhile On Fit / Via

    There's never been a day when it didn't feel like your hair needed to be washed.

    9. Somehow "frizz" is not a powerful enough term to describe the suffering the top of your head goes through.

    Richard Haines / Getty Images

    The English language has yet to come up with a term to truly describe this mess.

    10. Ponytails make you look like you're going bald.

    Cartoon Network / Via

    I feel you, Blossom!

    11. Your bangs are pure sadness.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    In your head, you're a Sméagol. In real life, you're a Gollum. (Sorry.)

    12. You cry a little bit inside for each one of your hairs that fall out.

    Stockbyte / Getty Images

    Which means you're crying inside A TON. RIP, little buddies.

    13. Every hot new hair products that promises more volume just makes it look like you've gone three weeks without washing your hair.

    Zoonar / Getty Images

    No matter what you try, it feels like you've got salad dressing on your head.

    14. Those little hair ties are about three times larger than they need to be for your hair.

    Twitter: @mellowilso / Via Twitter: @mellowilso

    Every time you put your hair up, you find yourself doubling over the hair tie again and again and again. It actually hurts!

    15. It feels like your hair just doesn't grow!

    16. All of your hair products say "volume" somewhere on them.

    Just use it and pray.

    17. And no matter what you try... no matter what you do... at the end of the day, this ALWAYS happens to you.

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