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The 17 Worst Parts Of Having Fine Hair

Two words: knots and knots.

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4. Even when you grow up it, it never feels like you've got enough hair to pull off any of the more fashionable styles.

Paul Hakimata / Getty Images

Sure, you've grown up, but you've still got the same hair you've had since you were a toddler.


7. Need proof that it's possible to make your hair look even thinner than it is? Try bleaching it!

Panuruangjan / Getty Images

If it doesn't become too brittle and literally break off your head, that is.


9. Somehow "frizz" is not a powerful enough term to describe the suffering the top of your head goes through.

Richard Haines / Getty Images

The English language has yet to come up with a term to truly describe this mess.


13. Every hot new hair products that promises more volume just makes it look like you've gone three weeks without washing your hair.

Zoonar / Getty Images

No matter what you try, it feels like you've got salad dressing on your head.