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    13 Stories Of How Couples Met That Were Clearly Orchestrated By Destiny

    "My brother and his wife found out, after 10 years of dating, that they had both been delivered by the same doctor."

    After BuzzFeed told the stories of people whose parents had met in the craziest ways, we received a lot of comments on the post and on Facebook about couples that are clearly united by destiny. We've gathered the best here in this post.

    The testimonies were edited for clarity and/or length.

    1. "My grandmother was always religious, and she made my dad go to one of the church's celebratory events. He fell in love with a nun who was there. The nun was my mom."

    2. "My dad lived in the city, and my mom in the countryside. Their families travelled to the same beach and stayed in neighboring houses."

    3. "In 1998, in 5th grade, my father forgot to pick me up at school. By coincidence, another boy had also been forgotten at school by his mother. He and I got married this year."

    4. "My parents worked in the same factory, but in different departments. One day, my mom lost a pen that had her name on it. My father found it and went to give it back."

    5. "My dad's family hated my mom's family and vice versa. They got together out of rebellion."

    6. "My dad is a police officer and was looking for a specific kind of car one day. Since my mom had the same kind of car, he pulled her over."

    7. "My paternal grandfather was a circus bullfighter and met my maternal grandpa because he sold cattle. Years later, my parents met each other and discovered that their parents were very specific business partners!"

    8. "My mom met my dad by purposely throwing water at him because of the noise outside of her house."

    9. "My mom's friends told her that there was a new, very handsome guy in town. When they met, my mom said, 'Heavens, what a ghastly man! He's not my type at all.' They've been together for 27 years now."

    10. "My maternal grandma dated my paternal grandfather. It didn't work out and life went on — they each met their respective spouses and had children. Then one day, my dad and my mom first met when they crossed each other's path while riding bicycles."

    11. "My great-aunt and my great-uncle sat in the same desk at school, her in the morning and him in the evening. They began to leave messages for each other. They eventually got married and had three children."

    12. "My brother and my sister-in-law discovered, after 10 years of dating, that they had both been delivered by the same doctor, in the same hospital, two years apart. Of course, the doctor was invited to the wedding!"

    13. "I had eaten chili peppers my whole life, but when I moved to another state, I had an allergic reaction to a chili pepper and ended up in the emergency room. The doctor who attended to me is now my husband. To this day, nobody understands the allergic reaction, not even him."

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