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15 Kinds Of Crushes Everyone Has Had In Their Life

That one you see on the bus every so often and always turn around to catch a glimpse of.

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1. That one you've only spoken to a handful of times in real life, but you follow each other on social media and quietly like everything the other posts.


6. The one who is very popular on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and gets boatloads of likes, but you like to think that they look at and care only about yours. <3

8. The one who works at a place you go to a lot, and you'd like to arrange things so that the two of you could bump into each other and be forced to talk.


It could be at the bakery, in a cafe, a bar, or maybe even the very same place where you work!


12. The one-minute crush who passed by you in the street. You thought they were hot, you imagined your wedding with them, and then you never saw them again, but that's fine.


14. The window of opportunity crush: you're not getting with anyone, you've got nothing on the horizon, then someone totally normal becomes the object of your desire.

15. And that childhood crush that you still to this day haven't quite gotten over.


He could be your older brother's friend, someone you saw while on vacation at your aunt's house, the person at school who never even saw your face... whoever it was, you've never gotten over them!

This post was translated from Portuguese.