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18 Other Detoxes You Should Go On This Year

2017 is all about the deep cleanse.

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1. The Scumbag Detox

You know the person. They only hit you up with it suits them, they never give you a straight answer, and they clearly don't care about your well being. Do yourself a favor this year and stop wasting your time and energy on people who don't deserve it.

2. The "I'm On My Way!" When You Actually Haven't Left And Probably Won't For Another 45 Minutes Detox


Listen, we're not telling you to change your tardy ways. We know that's just who you are. Not ideal, but what is, right? Being late might be a bit disrespectful, but the least you could do it keep the people waiting for you up to speed on how late you're going to be. Quit lying to them and to yourself.

3. The Forgetting Everything You Need To Do Because You Never Write Anything Down Detox

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This is the easiest detox on the list because your damn phone, the one you carry every single day, probably has a reminders app preinstalled on it. Or just start keeping a bullet journal! They're rad!

It doesn't matter what your solution is, but you should definitely find one thing that works for you. Write down your events, commitments, birthdays, grocery lists, bill due dates, etc. It'll make life so much easier.

4. The Raggedy-Ass Underwear Detox

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Take a good, hard look at your underwear drawer, and really assess each pair. Chances are pretty good you've let a few pairs go a little longer than their shelf life. You don't have to trade the whole drawer out all at once, but start to cycle some of the old undies that are full of holes out of regular rotation


5. The Never Talking To Friends IRL Detox

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You spend all your time liking their photos on Instagram and tagging them on Facbook instead of meeting up and having actual, honest-to-goodness conversations with them. A little face-time never hurt anybody. Make a date to grab coffee of lunch and just catch up!

6. The Let Me Just Check One Last Thing On My Phone Then You'll Have My Full Attention Detox

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Sometimes the day is just too short to get everything done, and honestly, everyone deserved a chance to zone out and stare at their phones every now and then. But if your quick glances keep turning into half-hour mobile work sessions, you should reprioritize.

7. The Fridge Full Of Take-Out Containers From God Knows When Detox

It's going to be gross, but go through your fridge and figure out what's past its prime and what is okay to keep. Then be a little more thoughtful about your purchases. Why bother wasting all that food and money?

8. The Why Am I Friends With This Person On Facebook Detox


You can't really remember when or even if you've ever met this person before, but for some reason, their updates are all over your timeline. Maybe you don't agree with their politics, maybe you're sick of seeing their newborn, or maybe you're just tired of always declining their event invitations. Dump 'em! (Or at the very least, hide their updates.)


9. The I Know It's Around Here Somewhere But I Definitely Have No Idea Where Exactly Detox

Go find all the important documents you cannot keep track of: your social security card, your passport, the birth certificate. Find them all? Good. Now put them in a folder, and put the folder in a drawer you use regularly. It's way easier than tearing your whole house apart each time you need one of them.

11. The No Storage On Your Phone Detox


You get the same alert about your phone being our of space every day, and you just keep ignoring it. Delete the apps you don't use, clear out old iMessages, and transfer all those pictures from New Years Eve 2013 to your computer and get them off your phone.

12. The Cancelling Plans At The Last Second Even Though You Never Had Any Intention Of Going Detox

You make plans knowing it's the socially healthy thing to do, but then at the last second you remember that you hate going out and bail. But why?! Whenever you force yourself to go out, you have a great time. Make 2017 the year of actually following through with fun plans.


13. The Closet Full Of Shoes And Clothes You'll Never Wear Detox

We're talking clothes that haven't fit your look for years, stuff you bought and never even bothered taking the tags off of, shoes with big holes in the bottom, etc. You know who'd appreciate those clothes? Like, literally anyone else besides you. Donate the stuff you don't wear and free up valuable closet space.

14. The Saying Bad Shit About Other People Instead Of Resolving Problems Like An Adult Detox

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Listen, if you really can't solve the problem with the person, remove yourself from that toxic environment. Don't just resort to bad-mouthing them to anyone who will listen. It just makes things worse.

16. The Not Knowing What's Going On In Your Bank Account Detox


It might feel like too much pressure, but taking control of your finances isn't so tough. Just keep an eye on your spending and your balance! Once you're aware of those, it's a little easier to keep things in check.


17. The Paying For The Gym Every Month And Never Going Detox

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If you hate the gym so much, there are plenty of other (much more affordable) ways to work out. Now, if the problem is that you hate working out, check out the following detox plan...

18. The Not Caring At All About Yourself Detox

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Meaning all aspects of self-care. Paying attention to your physical health is obviously important, and if you haven't recently, you should definitely go see your doctor for a check-up. But you should also be looking out for your mental health as well! Just pay attention to your own needs and treat yourself right. You deserve it!

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