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    8 Underrated Young Adult Books That Are Perfect For Any Fantasy Lover

    Magic, revolution, and romance, oh my!

    1. Ash Princess by Laura Sebastian

    Laura Sebastian / Via

    I’m a huge fan of this book, and very much looking forward to reading the third installment! The tropes used within the story don’t seem very much cliché at all, since Sebastian wrote through the various relationships involving the main character, Theodosia, with such complexity. I absolutely love Theo’s voice, and how at every turn there’s another decision to make. The path is unpredictable and emotional; I suggest this book to anyone who’s looking to jump into the hope that life will get better if you stand up against those who will hold you down.

    Check out the official book blurb on Goodreads here.

    2. Graceling by Kristin Cashore

    Kristin Cashore / Via

    This is one of those books that seemS like it’s taking forever to begin, but once you’ve finally set up the realm, you can’t let it go. For me, Graceling is a book that I’ve read over and over again because I want to be a part of Katsa’s world again. I’d highly recommend this book to those who love a good plot twist!

    Check out the official book blurb on Goodreads here.

    3. Half-Blood by Jennifer L. Armentrout

    Jennifer L. Armentrout / Via

    Half-Blood, to me, is reminiscent of Percy Jackson, but for a more mature audience. I’ve seen some readers who were unhappy with this book/series for its apparent similarities to the Vampire Academy series, but I can’t confirm or deny that. I really enjoyed the somewhat slow burn between Alex and Aiden and the nonstop action. Pick it up if you want to break some rules to do what’s right. Or fun.

    Check out the official book blurb on Goodreads here.

    4. Nobody by Jennifer Lynne Barnes

    Jennifer Lynne Barnes / Via

    Barnes has written a standalone book that I wish had a sequel! I love the concept of someone being a “Nobody,” even if that life might seem lonely. I dare anyone to read this and not agree that something needs to be done to extend the time in the Nobody universe. Maybe a movie?!

    Check out the official book blurb on Goodreads here.

    5. Roseblood by A. G. Howard

    A. G. Howard / Via

    As more modern twist of the classic story, The Phantom of the Opera, Roseblood was a fun book to read. That’s it. I won’t say that it’s a work of art to go down in history, because then I’d be a liar, but it was an interesting combination of modern ideas, the boarding school trope, and magic that can’t really be explained.

    Check out the official book blurb on Goodreads here.

    6. The Girl Who Drank the Moon by Kelly Barnhill

    Kelly Barnhill / Via

    This is the most wholesome book featured here, but I knew I had to include it because it’s definitely a comfort book. Targeted toward young readers, like fifth or sixth graders, The Girl Who Drank the Moon is a read that I can relax with again and again since it’s not super pressing and reminds me of the good times I had when I was younger. If you haven’t gotten a chance to check this one out, I would highly recommend it, even if you’re well past the target audience age.

    Check out the official book blurb on Goodreads here.

    7. The Goose Girl by Shannon Hale

    Shannon Hale / Via

    I do believe this is the second-most wholesome book, and it’s another one of my favorites, since it combines wholesome magic and a bit of revolution. The main character can speak the language of birds, and it’s something I grew up wishing was real. This is a more classic or old-fashion fantasy story, so if you’re in the mood for something less modern, I’d recommend it.

    Check out the official book blurb on Goodreads here.

    8. Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

    Kendare Blake / Via

    I’ll throw my vote for this book to be named one of the darkest fantasy-almost-horror stories I’ve ever read. The concepts between how the magic works, the government system, and the secrets between the sisters makes this quite complex, so take on this first installment of the series knowing you’ll be hooked into a completely different world immediately.

    Check out the official book blurb on Goodreads here.