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22 Tweets That Will Make You Love Cats Even More Than You Do Already

You might not believe it's possible, but it is.

1. This cat who's been busted.

We definitely know that Luke has a second family now. Because they've dressed him for Christmas. I am dead.

2. Charlie, who did the cutest stretch of all time, while wearing a bow tie.

3. This cat who has a dream — a dream to sit in every box.

No matter the size of a box, a cat will try to sit in it.

4. This cat with no respect for Jesus.

At my friend's church, the church cat has evicted the baby Jesus from the manger #JoyToTheWorld

5. This cat making the best of a bad situation.

6. This blind cat who just wants to be mean.

7. This very useful cat.

I've finally found a use for my cat

8. This seriously high cat.

Gave my cat some catnip and he's been laying like this for 2 hours

9. This cat who is just in a little pickle.

My friend's cat got stuck inside a plastic hanger. Here is a photo:

10. This extremely patient cat.

My niece tied her cat to the chair with a scarf and made him watch tv with her omfg

11. This cat who likes pita chips.

Here's a video of my kitten sticking his entire head in the bag to get a single pita chip. Thank you

12. This cat who just made one tiny mistake.

13. This cat who wants to be where the action is.

14. This cat who knows what's important in life.

15. This showbiz cat.

16. This tiny, vulnerable cat.

17. This cat who's just doing his job.

she's been screaming at these water droplets for 3 fucking minutes get out of the shower you tiny moron

18. This cat who was just trying to get cosy.

So I just spent 15 minutes looking for my cat... She was in my room the whole time.

19. This kitty who just wanted a bin she could call home.

20. This cat who is probably only thinking of seriously harming you rather than actual murder.

When your cat is plotting to kill you but your dog is trying to warn you

21. This very scientific cat.

Because we all need it, here's what happens when a cat touches a plasma ball.

22. This sweet angel.

i've been laughing at this set of pictures for 38 minutes straight

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