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    19 Things You'll Understand If You're Seriously Into Craft

    Living that craft life.

    1. There's no better feeling than when someone compliments you on something you made yourself.

    2. Apart from when you make something for someone else, and they wear it all the time.

    3. You definitely go through phases of which particular craft you're obsessed with.

    4. Which is why you have a cupboard overflowing with supplies.

    5. You know you definitely spend more money on crafts than you save on buying stuff ready made.

    6. You find crafting more relaxing than doing nothing.

    7. Being able to focus on something makes you feel calm.

    8. And you get an immense satisfaction from every completed project.

    9. Glue guns hold a special place in your heart.

    10. Art and craft shops are your favourite place to be.

    11. And trying out new supplies makes crafting twice as fun.

    12. You don't have unfinished projects – just "works in progress".

    13. There's definitely been projects you've regretted starting.

    14. At the halfway point of any project, you always become eager to start another.

    15. Every occasion and birthday is an excuse to get crafty.

    16. But you always seem to have more ideas than time to do them.

    17. Your house is overflowing with stuff you've made yourself.

    18. When you're really enjoying making something it's pretty much all you think about.

    19. You know that you'll always have some kind of creative hobby.

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