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21 Reasons Britain Does Breakfast Better Than The Rest Of The World

If in doubt serve it with toast and half a pack of butter, it's the British way.

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1. Because crumpets are one of life's great joys.

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2. Because Marmite is just the perfect savory spread.

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3. Because nothing is quite as comforting as eggs and soldiers.

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4. Because marmalade is the perfect marriage of bitter and sweet.

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5. And because having lemon curd on toast is a lil' bit like having your pudding for breakfast.

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6. Because British pancakes are somehow better than both crêpes and American pancakes.

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So light you can easily eat five, but doughy enough to be a good vessel for lemon juice and sugar.

7. Because nothing sets you up for the day like baked beans on toast.

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8. Apart from maybe a proper bacon butty.

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9. Or a sausage sandwich with brown sauce.

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Cutting the sausages length ways makes it 100% tastier.

10. Because even though it's kind of bland, cornflakes and sugar is just delicious.

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11. Because if you go to a caf it's totally socially acceptable to have chips for breakfast.

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12. Because why just have bread if you can have a fried slice.

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13. Because greasy spoons are like temples to the perfect breakfast.

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14. And a fry-up is truly a work of art.

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15. In all its inspiring combinations.

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16. And glorious differences depending on where you're eating it.

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17. Because black pudding might be gross in theory, but actually it's just salty and delicious.

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18. Because toast and jam tastes best when eaten as a breakfast dessert after a full English.

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19. Because hot cross buns are best eaten toasted with lots of butter.

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And you can easily eat four a day throughout the Easter weekend.

20. Because Scotch pancakes are tasty with butter, but they're also great eaten straight out the packet when you're feeling lazy.

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21. And you can only get a perfect cup of tea in Britain.

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A whole mug, or in a pot with some extra hot water, with just the right amount of milk, and sugar on the side.