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    Oct 27, 2016

    23 Food Fails That Will Deeply Upset All British People

    Baked beans and pasta should never touch.

    1. When you open a packet of biscuits and it looks like this.

    2. This half chocolate Hobnob.

    3. These criminally over-priced ice creams.

    4. This depressing roast dinner.

    5. This incredibly flat Yorkshire pudding.

    6. This unappetizing smoked salmon and scrambled eggs on toast.

    7. This strangely unappetising fry up.

    8. This attempt at a vegan sausage and mash with onion gravy.

    9. This vom-inducing meal.

    10. All tea made in a microwave, but especially this one.

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    Buy a kettle for crying out loud.

    11. This soggy, undercooked chip.

    12. This sad McFlurry.

    13. This new packet of crisps that's mostly empty.

    14. This amateur cheese on toast where the bread clearly hasn't been pre-toasted.

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    So on one side it's just soggy bread.

    15. This knife that failed to deliver.

    16. This sandwich which is actually only half a sandwich.

    17. This pasty that's full of nothing but lies.

    18. This humble cake, that's been sliced by animals.

    19. This extremely unsatisfying pint of beer.

    20. This poor excuse for mushy peas.

    21. This depressingly weak cup of tea.

    22. When posh tea bags do this.

    23. This sad sight.