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18 British Desserts The Rest Of The World Is Missing Out On

The rest of the world needs more custard.

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1. Bread and butter pudding

Instagram: @stephenschimpf

What's better than sugar and carbs? Nothing that's why we made a dessert out of bread.

2. Iced buns

Instagram: @ww_emma87

What the rest of the world sees: A hotdog bun covered in icing.

What British people see: A fine cake.

3. Chelsea buns

Instagram: @silvestria13

Sweet sticky buns that are an acceptable breakfast, what could be better.

4. Yum yums

Instagram: @amyl0807

Think of them like an early reincarnation of a cronut – deep fried pastry covered in icing.

5. Sticky toffee pudding

Instagram: @the_curly_baker

What's better than a toffee flavoured cake? A sticky wet toffee flavoured cake.

6. Trifle

Instagram: @k_lilac

The ideal celebration dessert – layers of cake, custard, jelly, and cream, that gets all mushed together when you eat it.

7. Chocolate trifle

Instagram: @bluekarinr

As above but all the ingredients are chocolate flavoured.

8. Spotted dick

Instagram: @dickenseatstheworld

Sounds dirty, but is actually most Nan's favourite pud – steamed fruit cake covered in custard.

9. 99 ice cream

Instagram: @kathrynjd92

Soft serve ice cream, in a cone, with a flake – always bought from a van.

10. Shortbread stack

Instagram: @lauraalexander89

Shortbread is the most melt in the mouth biscuit, equally good eaten with a cup of tea or in a posh tower at a restaurant with loads of creams and fruit.

11. Crumble and custard

Instagram: @thisisgorilla

Ratio of fruit to crumble to custard should always be at least 1:2:2.

12. Victoria sponge cake

Instagram: @amybishop1112

Sponge, jam, and cream, all in extremely large amounts.

13. Colin the Caterpillar Cake

Instagram: @davidbeckham

The best birthday cake anyone could ask for, good enough even for members of our royal family, such as King Beckham.

14. Angel Delight

Instagram: @chloeatkinschapman

Basically just sugar and milk whisked together into the most comforting creamy pudding.

15. Jelly and ice cream

Instagram: @kerry2727_sw

The miracle cure for any mild illness.

16. Vienetta

Instagram: @billy_the_bag

A feat of ice cream engineering.

17. Anything with clotted cream

Instagram: @d_averobinson1983

When you're not quite sure if something is cream or butter, then you know it's good.

18. Cadbury's dairy milk

Instagram: @ruthiegrainger

Because sometimes all you want for pudding is sweet crumbly chocolate.