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3 Reasons Everyone Is Awkward In Their Own Little Way

Are you someone that naturally makes everyone around you feel comfortable and at ease? Do you often get complimented on your ability to handle any situation with composure and grace? Yeah. Me, neither.

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As an awkward human myself, I have done a fair amount of research on 'how not to be awkward'. (And according to Google's search results, so has over 152,000,000 other awkward souls.)

That being said, I have decided that every single person is a little awkward in his or her own way. We all have traits and characteristics that can lead to an awkward situation; some of us just take those traits a bit further than others.

Here are some examples of how our human traits make us all awkward:

1. We Don't Always Think Before We Speak

Thinking before you speak is one of the first social norms we are taught as children, but from time to time everyone will disregard this basic guideline. If you really want to be top on your awkward game, make sure to never think before you speak, especially when trying to seem in control or win an argument.

Here's a personal example of how the trait of not thinking before speaking can turn awkward REALLY fast:

I went to a new hair salon recently and quickly realized that the receptionist was an ex friend from high school who had stolen my boyfriend. (On top of that my cat seemed to like her more than me when she came over, so obviously I hate her) After the tense exchange of “how may I help you?” and “I’d like a hair cut please.” I asked her how much the total cost would be. Before answering my question she said, “do you still think about that whole situation with your boyfriend and I back in high school?” Looking back on this I now realize that this was most likely leading up to an apology on her end, but being my awkward self I decided to assert myself and came back with:

“Yea I remember! And I don’t even care because there were plenty of other guys interested in me! Just tell me how much I need to pay to get a shampoo and blow job around here!”

It took me a minute to understand why she was laughing so hard. I left and did not return.

2. We Are Forgetful


If being forgetful has not gotten you into an awkward situation yet, fear not Internet friend, it will.

For my good friend’s birthday I decided to bake her muffins. I spent a good deal of time researching the best muffin recipes, and finally settled on banana nut chocolate chip with cream cheese frosting. I was extremely proud of the outcome! I refused to tell my friend what was in the muffins, thinking it would be a fun surprise. No more than 4 seconds after she took the first bite she went into Anaphylaxis and required an epi-pen shot to the leg to stop her throat from closing. We have been friends since we were six, and she has been allergic to nuts all her life. I completely forgot. Don’t worry she’s fine- makes for a good awkward story.


Here’s an even awesomer (it’s a word because I say so) example of how being forgetful will lead to an awkward situation:

Viewers were touched and inspired during Season 8 of American Idol when a 23 year old blind man named Scott McIntyre received a golden ticket after his amazing audition. The moment was captured on film and gave hope to so many that despite any difficulties or obstacles in your life, you can still reach your dreams.

This moment turned awkward hella fast when host of the show, Ryan Seacrest, attempted to give the blind auditionee a high-five.

It's ok Ryan, you can join the awkward club.

3. We Judge A Book By It's Cover


Sure, we all say we don’t do this, but we all know that even unintentionally we are bound to judge something/someone based on appearance.

Here’s an example of how this can get awkward:

When I was in my teens I scored an interview to work at a toy store down the street from my house. I got to my interview early (as I was told to by my equally awkward uncle) and waited outside the closed store for the manager to arrive. While waiting outside the store I noticed a man coming towards me in ripped clothing holding a cup. Without thinking I reached into my pocket, pulled out my change, steadily approached the straggly looking man and successfully dropped my spare coins into his cup.

Turns out he was not homeless as I intentionally thought. Instead, he was the very successful owner of the toy store with his morning cup of coffee coming to open the store and interview me.

I did not get the job.


If you are a human, then chances are you can relate to some of these traits.

So next time you're in an elevator with a stranger and feel that familiar rumble after having too much chilly, or holding a door for someone a substantial amount of feet away from you, or even if you're just trying to figure out if that guy is waving to you or the guy behind you, be sure to make it awkward!

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