The 10 Worst Crimes Against Women In Comics

Haunted vaginas, rape, assault, rape, cannibalism and more rape…what does a woman have to do to get some respect in comics? Die, apparently. (via Comics Bulletin)

  • Honorable Mention: Haunted Vaginas

    Honorable Mention: Haunted Vaginas

    How the hell did that vagina become haunted? Who writes that? This would be a major crime on the list if it weren't for the fact that it's so laughably ridiculous.

  • 10. Wasp Becomes Lunch

    10. Wasp Becomes Lunch

    The only thing worse than being in Jeph Loeb'sUltimatum is dying a horrible, disgusting death in it. No one knows this like Wasp, who previously survived a bout of domestic abuse courtesy of her husband Ant-Man and his horde of ants only to become lunch for the D-list X-Men villain the Blob.

  • 9. Batgirl (two of 'em)

    9. Batgirl (two of 'em)

    Sure, Barbara Gordon became the badass super networker Oracle after the Joker shot her through the spine and took exploitative photos of her while she was down. But her shooting was the definition of pointless, a crazed act by a psychopath only using her as a way to get to Batman.  Later, Stephanie Brown, the future Batgirl, met a similar fate at the hands of a different deranged Batvillain. It all turned out to be a trick by a crazy psychologist trying to teach Bats a lesson, but still...

  • 8. Starfox's Emotional Rape

    8. Starfox's Emotional Rape

    Starfox's main power is the ability to manipulate the emotions of others. You've probably already figured out how that ability might get manipulated in the wrong hands. Luckily Starfox didn't force anyone to have sex with, he just forced She-Hulk to have sex and fall in love with a different guy.

  • 7. Purple Man's "Seduction" of Women

    7. Purple Man's "Seduction" of Women

    Somewhere along the line the Purple Man went from being a goofy purple skinned weirdo to a sinister, vile serial rapist. Purple Man's powers allow him to control others and he's used this ability to force at least one woman to marry him and give him a daughter as well as utilizing it to brainwash Jessica Jones into living with him and acting as the would-be assassin of Daredevil. Jessica was so traumatized by the Purple Man's actions and the terrible beat down the Avengers gave her when she mistook the Scarlet Witch for Daredevil that she retired her superhero identity of Jewel once and for all.

  • 6. Psylocke Turns Japanese

    6. Psylocke Turns Japanese

    Because everything in the '90s had to be super extreme and Jim Lee-centric, Psylocke, formerly a cheerful British girl named Betsey Braddock, found herself taken from her body and placed into the body of a Japanese assassin. You may be tempted to call this a sly comment on body issues, but you'd be wrong. Dead wrong.

  • 5. Sue Dibny in: Rape Crisis

    5. Sue Dibny in: Rape Crisis

    Sue Dibny's life, as shown in the nadir of event comics that was Identity Crisis, could have occupied several slots on the list. Sue had been the happy wife of Ralph Dibny, the Elongated Man, until writer Brad Meltzer decided her life needed to be ruined. Over the span of the series, Sue was raped, murdered and then burned to a crisp.

  • 4. Gwen Stacy: Original Woman in Refrigerator in Theory

    4. Gwen Stacy: Original Woman in Refrigerator in Theory

    Gwen Stacy may be the original example of the women in refrigerators trope, a female character whose death happened specifically to motivate the male super hero, in this case Spider-Man. While her death was handled in a much more tasteful and respectful manner than every other one on this list, the fact that it's likely the reason all those other crimes occurred is hard to overlook.

  • 3. Alex DeWitt: Original Woman in Refrigerator in Practice

    3. Alex DeWitt: Original Woman in Refrigerator in Practice

    And were we have the literal woman in a refrigerator who gave the trope its name. Killed off by grim and gritty Captain Atom clone Major Force, Alex DeWitt was then stuffed into her boyfriend Kyle Rayner's fridge. Alex's death was for pure shock value and the only legacy the story has comes from its relationship to the trope it unwittingly named.

  • 2. Ms. Marvel has the Worst Honeymoon Ever

    2. Ms. Marvel has the Worst Honeymoon Ever

    In a storyline that has mostly been (justly) forgotten, Carol Danvers, better known as Ms. Marvel, was abducted by a fellow named Marcus who claimed to be the son of Immortus. But this wasn't just any kidnapping. No, Marcus planned to get Carol to give birth to another version of himself (don't ask) through any means necessary. Marcus' plan succeeded so well that the Avengers didn't even bother to consider the fact that Carol may have been brainwashed and left her alone in Marcus' alternate timeline until she finally returned, so traumatized it took the intervention of Professor Xavier to make things as close to right as they could ever be.

  • 1. DC's Hiring of Women Creators

    1. DC's Hiring of Women Creators

    Despite relaunching their entire universe in part because of a need to welcome more diversity and lure in new readers, DC has shown themselves to possess hiring skills that would make Hooters' owners to shake their heads in shame. Apparently for DC, diversity means dropping their number of female creators down to a tenth of what it was at pre-launch. To make matters worse, DC head honcho Dan DiDio made an ass out of himself at San Diego Comic-Con, brushing aside and otherwise being rude and impatient to a woman dressed as Batgirl who bothered to ask him about this close minded hiring policy. It's exactly the kind of behaviour that gives comics a bad name.

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