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Greatest Kids TV Opening Credits Of All Time

Some are incredibly catchy songs, some bring back fond memories and others are clearly drug induced weirdness. This is the greatest kids TV opening credits of all time (in my humble opinion)

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20. Old Bear Stories

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I had always thought Stephen Fry narrated this, turns out i was wrong.

19. Defenders of the earth

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It was good because it introduced the characters and their powers.

18. Jonny Briggs

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One of the few TV characters whose name was used as an insult.

17. X-men

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It introduced the characters, their powers and had a great tune.

16. Supergran

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'She'll do the things that you never saw your Granny do'. Good animated title sequence and catchy song by a young Billy Connelly. I seem to remember a guest appearance from George Best along with other celebs,

15. The Flumps

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Went on to be used in a tv ad, this is a prime example of how sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most effective.

14. Cockleshell Bay

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This opening sequence always made me want to live in cockleshell bay.

13. Bravestar

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He was a cowboy in space, his horse could talk and shoot guns and he could use the powers of various animals. Not only that but he also has a theme tune that gets stuck in your head.

12. Grange Hill

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I don't know why a sausage bursting into the frame was exciting but it was.

11. Bod

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The thing about the bod title sequence was the fact that it could be easily replicated with your voice and a funny walk.

10. Ulysses 31

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He looked like a Bee Gee in space and his theme tune was catchy enough to have been one of their hits.

9. The Mysterious Cities of Gold

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I never saw all of this so cant tell you if they ever found the city of gold, but they did have a golden condor and a cracking theme tune.

8. Around the World with Willy Fog

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The cartoon was based on 80 days around the world and for some reason the characters would sing the theme tune whilst sat on modes of transport that didn't fit them.

7. He-man and the masters of the universe

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Another one that nicely explains the plot and characters. At my school we used to sing, 'I have the power to fart on a flower'.

6. Dogtanian and the three Muskerhounds

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One for all and all for one. A proper song and the intro was made up of clips from the series so was always exciting when you watched an episode and saw the clips in the actual programe

5. Pigeon Street

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The eyes of every character were always the same - even the pigeons.

4. The Wombles

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The beautiful song was accompanied by images of the wombles recycling with names of the people involved on the bits of rubbish.

3. Thundercats

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The great, exciting, over the top music was probably more dramatic than the actual show. 'Thuder, Thunder, Thundercats Hoooooooooooooooooe'.

2. Bagpuss

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This title sequence brings forward a feeling of nostalgia like no other on this list, the narration was perfect as was the imagery.

1. Jamie and the Magic Torch

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Everything about this title sequence is just perfect; it introduces the characters, it has a superb song and above all else it creates a slightly scary atmosphere at the beginning and kids love to be scared. I have also enjoyed many years of singing it at anybody called Jamie (usually when drunk).

I am certain that there are some greats that i have missed or don't even know about but i hope this brings back some memories.

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