Paula Deen Riding Things

Internet, you can't have anything nice. So you know how Paula Deen got drunk and rode a guy? Since then Twitter has been ablaze over this site. Here's the latest.

nickrrrad • 7 years ago

A Collection Of The Best Hipster Disney Memes

Ugh, hipster Disney memes are soooo mainstream now. I don't know if I can even laugh at them ironically anymore! Pretty soon DreamWorks is going to slap on some Raybans and act all pretentious! Psssh, poseurs.

Ashley Baccam • 7 years ago

The Best Of Hipster Little Mermaid

The Hipster Ariel Meme has been floating around Tumblr recently. It's like if Disney traded singing animals and magic for "underground music" and PBR. You have The Little Mermaid remastered on DVD? I still have it on VHS.

Ashley Baccam • 7 years ago