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We Tried To Label Our Organs, And Here's How Well We Actually Did

"Is the plural form of 'uterus' actually 'uteri'?"

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Our weird bodies. We spend all day with them (and a lot of time anxiously WebMD'ing our symptoms) but do we have any idea just WTF is even happening in our own bodily backyard? The women of Ladylike decided to see if they could actually label on a human body where all the internal parts are.

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We started with the intestines, because it was the one we were we least likely to mess up.


Sorry for feeling you up, Alex.

Saf, Jen, Kristin, and Chantel were all pretty sure the entrance to the stomach was located more on the right-hand side of the body...

But the entrance to the stomach is actually located more towards the left-hand side of the body:


But we knew all the lady parts because... well:


Thanks, awkward sex educators of our pasts!

All in all, we are true scholars of the human body.


But seriously: would you have done as well as us (or even better)? Let us know in the comments!

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