So That’s What I Call ’90s Toys

You know you’re a 90’s kids when…

1. There used to be a sticky hand mark on the ceiling

2. You used to pull the strings out

3. You basically were a parent at the age of 6

4. You had burns on your ankles

5. “but mommm i already have this one.”

6. You spent hours trying to beat your high score

7. Their hair was fluffy

8. You Didn’t Wake Up Daddy

9. Your Skydancer never really went as high as it did in the commercials

10. Beyblades were a weapon of choice

11. “Wanna trade?”

12. Furbies gave you nightmares

13. You couldn’t move the Barbie’s elbows

14. Blowing air inside the game didnt make it work

15. What did you say hater?

16. Mixing the colors was practically a sin

17. You lost all the other songs

18. It wasnt THAT gross

19. You had high blood pressure

20. What’s the internet?

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