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Updated on Mar 6, 2019. Posted on May 13, 2013

44 Reasons Why You're Chandler Bing

We're all Chandler Bing from Friends.

1. This is how you'd describe yourself in three words:

2. But, this is the more accurate version:

3. You're not really good at giving out advice:

4. You're also not the most photogenic person:

5. You have a hard time meeting new people:

6. And often tell jokes when you're uncomfortable:

7. But, don't understand why you don't have a lot of friends:

8. Because you're honestly the funniest person you know:

9. Plus, you're really witty:

10. And you're very insightful:

11. Seriously, you should have more friends:

12. It's not your fault you're cynical and hate everyone:

13. Sarcasm is your first language:

14. You find it hard to care about things:

15. You also love yourself:

16. But hate yourself at the same time:

17. Bad insults are like second nature to you:

18. You take bubble baths when you need to relax:

19. You say a lot of dumb things that you regret later:

20. This is a constant fear of yours:

21. So this is your outlook on love:

22. You're a kid at heart:

23. And you get easily excited:

24. You question everything, especially things you see on TV:

25. You love food, and know never to waste it:

26. You ramble when you're nervous:

27. You can't dance:

28. But you do know how to enter a room:

29. You deal with your problems like a mature adult:

30. You'd rather die then tell someone you like them:

31. So you bottle up all your feelings:

32. You're also tired all the time:

33. You're so tired you've actually learned some tricks:

34. Sometimes you forget if you're thinking to yourself or talking out loud:

35. But you also speak without thinking, so there's that:

36. You tend to have a lot of bad luck:

37. You don't let anyone touch your computer:

38. Nobody really listens to you:

39. Except for people on the internet:

40. This is how you treat people you don't like:

41. The future scares you:

42. You always make jokes no matter what's happening:

43. This is you on Sundays, along with every other day of the week:

44. Everything you do is embarrassing, so you don't really care anymore:

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