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44 Reasons Why You're Chandler Bing

We're all Chandler Bing from Friends.

1. This is how you'd describe yourself in three words:

2. But, this is the more accurate version:

3. You're not really good at giving out advice:

4. You're also not the most photogenic person:

5. You have a hard time meeting new people:

6. And often tell jokes when you're uncomfortable:

7. But, don't understand why you don't have a lot of friends:

8. Because you're honestly the funniest person you know:

9. Plus, you're really witty:

10. And you're very insightful:

11. Seriously, you should have more friends:

12. It's not your fault you're cynical and hate everyone:

13. Sarcasm is your first language:

14. You find it hard to care about things:

15. You also love yourself:

16. But hate yourself at the same time:

17. Bad insults are like second nature to you:

18. You take bubble baths when you need to relax:

19. You say a lot of dumb things that you regret later:

20. This is a constant fear of yours:

21. So this is your outlook on love:

22. You're a kid at heart:

23. And you get easily excited:

24. You question everything, especially things you see on TV:

25. You love food, and know never to waste it:

26. You ramble when you're nervous:

27. You can't dance:

28. But you do know how to enter a room:

29. You deal with your problems like a mature adult:

30. You'd rather die then tell someone you like them:

31. So you bottle up all your feelings:

32. You're also tired all the time:

33. You're so tired you've actually learned some tricks:

34. Sometimes you forget if you're thinking to yourself or talking out loud:

35. But you also speak without thinking, so there's that:

36. You tend to have a lot of bad luck:

37. You don't let anyone touch your computer:

38. Nobody really listens to you:

39. Except for people on the internet:

40. This is how you treat people you don't like:

41. The future scares you:

42. You always make jokes no matter what's happening:

43. This is you on Sundays, along with every other day of the week:

44. Everything you do is embarrassing, so you don't really care anymore: