37 Signs You Might Be Buster Bluth

Buster Bluth from Arrested Development is just a large man-child. And really, aren’t we all just giant children?

1. You won’t do anything unless food is involved:

2. You re-enact your favorite movies:

3. You say inappropriate things:

4. This is what you look like when you yawn:

5. You often schedule things around your daily naps:

6. You appreciate kindness:

7. You’re always really nice to other people:

8. Unless they undermine your “talents”:

9. Fighting isn’t one of your strong suits:

10. Unless you use a puppet:

11. This is often what happens when you go outside:

12. You are a defender of chickens:

13. This is what you do when your family gets on your nerves:

14. Sometimes you say things you didn’t really mean to say:

15. Your life motto is to be “neither seen nor heard”:

16. You’ll do anything to make your mom proud:

17. Not a lot of people appreciate your humor:

18. You’re not as independent as you wish to be:

19. You have very low standards when it comes to parties:

20. Your meals consist largely of junk food:

21. You’re really sensitive, and other people just can’t handle it:

22. You’re really good at judging people:

23. You think you’re really smart:

24. Despite what others may think:

25. You’re a kid at heart:

26. You have a large imagination:

27. You’ve mastered the art of seduction:

28. This is what your seducing often looks like:

29. And sometimes you’ll even go all out:

30. Your middle name could be “socially awkward”:

31. Large animals at close distances frighten you:

32. You have a different way of looking at the world:

33. You’re a badass:

34. People often question your actions:

35. This is how people try to explain your behavior:

36. But you recognize the importance of staying true to yourself:

37. Too bad you think you’re a monster:

The fourth season of Arrested Development premieres May 26 on Netflix.

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