30 Times The Fresh Prince Was The Wittiest Person On ’90s TV

On a scale of 1 to Will Smith, how clever are you?

1. On odd combinations:

2. On cheesy pick-up lines:

3. On people Hilary dates:

4. On gold diggers:

5. On keeping down breakfast:

6. On racial profiling:

8. On being honest:

10. On red pajamas:

11. On poverty:

NBC / Via youtube.com

12. On height differences:

14. On bad driving:

16. On heaven and hell:

17. On Carlton’s luck with women:

18. On douchebags:

19. On self-confidence:

20. On receiving money:

21. On legal testimonies:

22. On ’90s fashion:

25. On calling out Carlton:

27. On peer pressure:

28. On absentee fathers:

NBC / Via youtube.com

29. On breaking the fourth wall:

NBC / Via youtube.com

30. And of course, the best Will monologue:

For more Fresh Prince quotes, check out the Tumblr FreshPrinceSubs!

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