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27 Most Annoying Things People Do While Driving

This has been a PSA to please stop.

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2. When they forget how to drive during any weather that's not sunny and clear: / Via Saturday Night Live

Just because the speed limit is 45 mph it really doesn't mean you have to drive that fast when there's snow and ice covering the roads; it also doesn't mean that you can brake at the last second either.


6. When people merge into your lane without even checking to see if anyone's there: / Via Clueless (1995)

Yes hello it's me, the car driving right next to you, please check to see if the lane is clear before you merge, thanks.


11. Fast car show-offs who floor it at random times while they're driving: / Via Unknown

Why are you doing that? It's not all that impressive you can floor your car to the speed limit because lets be honest, that's really all as fast as you're going to go.


16. When you're driving over the speed limit and somebody STILL tailgates you: / Via The Hangover (2009)

Hypothetically speaking, because you're a good citizen. Though, even when you're hypothetically going over the speed limit why are they doing that?


20. Basically when they do anything that isn't driving: / Via Anchorman (2004)

This includes: eating a 4 course meal, doing make-up, talking on the phone, texting, throwing their delicious burrito out the window, etc.

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