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The 24 Stages Of Becoming A Taylor Swift Fan

This hater is not going to hate, hate, hate anymore.

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1. At first, you didn't like Taylor Swift...

2. ...and you bought into all the media bullshit that was her private love life.

Big Machine / Via

If I was a hot and single celebrity, all I would be doing is dating other hot and single celebrities -- who wouldn't?

3. To think, you weren't even upset that this happened:

4. But it's 2014 now, and you realize how wrong you were.

5. Especially when you realize you're more alike than you are different...

CBS / Via

6. ...because you both dance awkwardly...

CBS / Via

7. ...have an undying devotion to cats...

Coca Cola / Via

Future cat ladies for life.

8. ...and just want to wear red lipstick and cute clothes all day...

Darling, I'm a daydream dressed like a clearance rack -- please, let me have a tour of your closet.

9. You even took a picture of her haircut to your stylist.

*slides picture sneakily on hairstylist's desk pretending they're indifferent, while furiously hoping you look just as fabulous*

10. Your love for Taylor Swift grew kind of like how a large wheel rolls down a hill...

NBC / Via


11. ...and question how could you have ever not liked her in the first place?

Z100 / Via

I'm so confused.

12. You realize that she's so great to her fans.

Taylor hosted Secret Session listening parties with fans for her new album "1989." This is what every music fan wishes would happen to them.

13. Like, you REALLY love how great to her fans she is.

Taylor leaves IG comments uplifting and encouraging her fans to love themselves and their dreams. / Via Instagram

Taylor leaves IG comments uplifting and encouraging her fans to love themselves and their dreams.

14. You start to admire her sense of humor...


15. ... and how much of a feminist she is.

It's 2014, everyone should be a feminist.
Larry Busacca / Getty Images / Via / Via

It's 2014, everyone should be a feminist.

16. You used to change the station when her songs came on the radio, but now you're jamming out to "Blank Space."

BBC Radio 1 / Via


17. You actually really love the whole 1989 album.


This album is so good, like "sitting silently in your car and listening to it for weeks while feeling every single emotion"-good.

19. You start to listen to her other albums and realize you love those too!

ABC / Via

I feel so many emotions!

20. You really just wish you were friends with her now...

Invite me to your birthday parties, and let's trade cookie recipes.

21. ...because she seems like an amazing friend.

Just look how cute of a friendship her and Karlie Kloss have.

22. So you're now extremely apologetic to your misguided Taylor hate before...

Please, accept that I have changed.

Please, accept that I have changed.

23. ...because life is too short to pretend to not like Taylor Swift.

24. She's actually really awesome.

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