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17 Jay Z Songs Reimagined For Children

If Jay Z ever wants to retire the "King of Rap" crown, he could have a successful career as a children's musician.

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1. Dirt Off Your Shoulder ... Because You Take Care of Your Hygiene / Via

Telling kids it's important to take care of themselves and their personal hygiene, this song would hopefully inspire more "Fashion Kids" Instagram accounts.

Parody of: "Dirt Off Your Shoulder" (2003)

2. Can I Get A ... Helping Hand with Chores / / Via

Beyoncé and Jay Z could use this song in case they ever want to feel like "common folk" by giving their housemaids a break for the day. But this song will mostly be played by moms and dads who want some free time to catch up on Game of Thrones.

Parody of: "Can I Get A..." feat. Amil and Ja Rule (1998)


8. Put Your Diamonds Up to Remind You of the Food Pyramid

This song is a sequel to, "How Many Times Can You Go to Mr. Chows? Eat Your Vegetables," parodied from "Success" (2007).

Parody of: "Diamond is Forever" (2002)


9. Roc Boys (And the Winner is ... Not You and That's Okay) / / Via

Originally a song made for artists nominated against Jay Z at the Grammy's, this song also works equally for kids who are sore losers.

Parody of: "Roc Boys" (And the Winner is) (2007)

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