12 Nickelodeon Game Shows You Wanted To Be On

Do-do-do-do you have it?

1. Legends of the Hidden Temple (‘93-‘95)

Ugh, who didn’t want to sport a sick Red Jaguars, Blue Barracudas, Green Monkeys, Orange Iguanas, Purple Parrots, or Silver Snakes shirt while they received challenges from a talking rock named Olmec and were scared half to death by a hidden Temple Guard?

2. Finders Keepers (‘87-‘88)

A gigantic scavenger hunt in a two story home where no one would yell at you for making a mess—I kind of wanted to live there.

3. Double Dare (‘86-‘92) & Double Dare 2000

I still want to know if the ice cream they used in the obstacle course was real.

4. Figure It Out (‘97-‘99)

I was largely an un-gifted child, but that didn’t stop me from wanting to be on the one show that made the infamous Nickelodeon green slime famous.

Fun Fact: The three panelists who were in the most episodes are: Lori Beth Denberg (115 ep.), Danny Tamberelli (96 ep.) and Amanda Bynes (52 ep.)

5. Guts (‘92-‘95)

Do-Do-Do-Do you have it? No, but I still wanted to try and run with the flag around the course, and climb the Aggro Crag.

6. Get the Picture (‘91)

The most extreme version of connect the dots you could ever play.

7. Nick Arcade! (‘92)

The whole show was just you playing arcade games and then when you won you would get to play in a virtual video game—-my life goals as a kid.

8. Make the Grade (‘89-‘91)

It was basically jeopardy for kids, but was actually fun to watch.

9. What Would You Do? (‘91-‘93)


10. You’re On! (‘98-‘99)

Nickelodeons version of Candid Camera which was way cooler and you could win a Nintendo 64.

11. Think Fast! (‘89-‘91)

Th challenges were physically and mentally focused, so possibly the hardest Nick game show they had.I would think not so fast.

12. Wild and Crazy Kids (‘90-‘92)

I really wanted to have one of those neon t-shirts and meet Donnie.

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