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Week 7 Power Rankings: This Is Fire Flames!

Follow along in your head (or out loud!)

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1. Deflate (H)ate

Strong RBs from every team,

Zach Miller has been a good stream,

This squad sits atop first place,

In our league of Fire Flames!



2. Supersaiyan God Supersaiyans

This is Fire Flames! This is Fire Flames!

Crabtree's old but he does just fine,

This is Fire Flames, getting JStew in a trade,

Gronk is a touchdown from scoring number 69



3. The Fourth Reich

AJ Green, making people scream,

On this Hitler inspired team,

"I am the one catching passes down field,

Second wide receiver when my foot is healed"



4. The Nial-Nelsie Hopkinses

"I am the team with the dual threats,

My star wide receiver kicking field goal nets"

This is Fire Flames! This is Fire Flames!

Fire Flames! Fire Flames! Fire Flames! Fire Flames!



5. San Diego Harambes

In this league, we call home,

Everyone hails to Julio Jones,

He likes memes! This is Randy's team,

Matt Ryan's been a nice surprise



6. WSP McCarthy Outta My Cage

'Round that bye week, Cooper's workload makes you shriek,

Nial needs Kelvin to pounce but still has...

Zeke! This is Nial's team, won't give up on Ed Lacy,

Aren't you scared? Well that's just fine



7. WSP Battling Swans

Start him once, start him twice, ignore all the good advice,

Play Tavon Austin somehow still be right,

Matt Forte! Devonta!

In our league of Fire Flames



8. The Life of Nuwanda

"I am the one sending lots of trades,

Strong wide outs but injuries in spades,

I am the 'who' when you ask 'who's that',

Last name is Jones and my first name is Matt"



9. The Demogorgskins

"I am the team on a steep decline,

CJ started well now he rides the pine"

This is Fire Flames! This is Fire Flames!

Fire Flames! Fire Flames! Fire Flames! Fire Flames!



10. Flamin' Unicorns

Melvin's touchdowns everywhere,

But Nuk gives her quite a good scare,

It's his job to score every game,

In this league of Fire Flames



11. Super Smegma Brigade

In this league, don't we love it how,

Everybody's losing to Eli big time,

Vikings defense might, give opposing teams the blight,

His four wins make you jump out of your skin!



12. Andrew Truck

This is Fire Flames, everybody Shame,

Won't you please make way for these very special busts,

Our man Jake is King of the draft heartbreaks,

Everyone hail to the last place team!



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