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15 Wonderful Examples Of Human Spirit After Storm Desmond

Extreme weather and wrecked homes did not stop displays of community spirit.

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Storm Desmond, which dropped a month's worth of rain over 24 hours, had a devastating aftermath.

Emergency workers walk through floodwater on Warwick Road, Carlisle.
Owen Humphreys / PA WIRE

Emergency workers walk through floodwater on Warwick Road, Carlisle.

Thousands of families across Cumbria, north Wales, Yorkshire, and Northumbria were forced to leave their homes after heavy rain destroyed properties, power was cut to thousands of homes, and entire communities were cut off.

But this didn't extinguish the spirit of those affected, who found ways to help each other and even to have fun.

1. Mark Cutter, landlord of the Robert Gillow pub in Lancaster, kept his pub open as a refuge for evacuated people throughout the night.

SWNS / Ross Parry

2. Newborn James Noah Bibby was delivered 15 minutes after his family made it through the floods to hospital.

We made it through the #CumbriaFloods.Only just! This little guy was born 15 minutes after getting to the hospital

3. Seventy-two-year-old Peter Clarkson went for a swim in his flooded kitchen in Kendal.

Dave Nelson
Dave Nelson
Dave Nelson

4. Firefighters in Carlisle rescued people in fridges.

Floating out in the fridge. Carlisle!!

5. After the Lake District town of Glenridding flooded, contractors working nearby came to dig out 500 yards of the beck in six hours, before the authorities got there.

6. The RSPCA rescued a dog called Ronnie from a flooded building.

Helping animals & people through #StormDesmond. Watch one of our rescues. Call 0300 1234 999 for animal emergencies.

7. A donkey called Mike was rescued from a river in Ireland and then did this big grin.

8. And around 40 stranded sheep were rescued thanks to firefighters in Cumbria.

Cumbria Fire & Rescue in action saving sheep from the Petteril at Calthwaite @CWHerald

9. This hotel in Grasmere was kept open to help people – apart from the pool room.

Local hotel all warm and dry........ Except for this ?!? Made me smile. #spiritofCumbria #Grasmere

10. This woman raised a smile as the RNLI and the army helped her on to a raft on a flooded street in Carlisle.

Owen Humphreys / PA WIRE

11. St George's Church in Kendal, handed out cleaning equipment to those who needed it.

Instagram: @lakessinglemum

12. When the road in Glenridding was ruined by floodwater, local people put it back together.

Road damage Glenridding - repaired now - #resilience - local effort - community spirit

13. Supermarkets including Asda, Morrison's, and Sainsbury's provided much needed supplies to a social housing group in Yorkshire.

Instagram: @yourhousinggroup

14. Two Irish men decided to wakeboard on the flood water.

Facebook: video.php

David O'Caoimh, a 21-year-old professional wakeboarder, told BuzzFeed News that he and his friend Chris Hoey just wanted to make the most of a bad situation.

"I know often flooding is a bad thing, but we wanted to make the most of it, so we just decided to get in our wetsuits and go," he said.

15. Hayley Caunce and Jamie Traynor, both 31, didn't let the floods put off their big day and tied the knot anyway.

Tiree Dawson / Tiree Dawson/Mercury Press

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