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This Artist Is Trying To Draw Every Single Person In New York

It would take him 79 years to finish the job.

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Artist Jason Polan has challenged himself to draw every person in New York.

The project started in March of 2008 and it is still going strong. "I like doing projects that are all-encompassing," he told BuzzFeed News.

His previous projects have included drawing every single kernel in a popped bag of microwave popcorn, and drawing every piece of art in the Museum Of Modern Art.

Polan likes to include as many people as possible in his projects. "I thought this would be a way to do that (on a big scale) in a not terribly aggressive way," he said.

He also believes that this project will be a great way to improve his drawing.

He started the project in March of 2008, and the New York Times predicted that it would take him over 79 years, if he drew one person every five minutes.

"I have particular favourite spots: the Museum of Modern Art, Taco Bell, the post office," he said. "But I also draw people randomly, on the train, or on a bus, or on a corner."

Polan has drawn many famous people, including the comedian Jerry Seinfeld while he was getting a cheeseburger...

Jason Polan

... And Buzz Aldrin at a Barnes and Noble bookstore.

Jason Polan

"There has been mostly a positive response to the project, which I am lucky for,” he said.

His first volume of drawings will be released in a book on 18 August.

Jason Polan / Via

Hopefully he'll complete the project before 2087...