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    23 Daily Struggles Only Londoners Will Understand

    Stand on the right side of the escalator.

    1. Dressing for London weather is an absolute pain.

    It's August & I wore leggings, a cardi, a beanie and a scarf today. And I didn't spontaneously combust or melt. #PerksofBeingALondoner 😍✌🇬🇧

    2. You even miss out on amazing events, like eclipses, because the clouds won't bugger off.

    I think we may have blinked and missed it here at Lazy Mice HQ! #eclipse2015 #London #londonproblems #friday

    3. The lack of green spaces can get slightly depressing.

    Every week I forget how the colour green looks and it always seems to brighten my day to see a field #londonstruggles #hastingsbound

    4. Commuting is a daily battle if you don't have the proper gear.

    BREAKING NEWS: Right from the catwalk: S/S15 Tube wear. #londonproblems #londontube #tubecrush #rushhourcrush

    5. After 4:30pm on a workday, you might not get inside Victoria station, let alone on the tube.

    my idea of hell RT @psawers: Why commuting in London sucks.

    6. The daily apocalyptic scene at Brixton station is all too real for Londoners.

    Brixton Station #underground #tube every morning this week @TfL Sort it out #NotHappy

    7. That goes for Oxford Circus station too.

    Plenty of time for the Jehova's witnesses to put on a show. #londonproblems #rushhour

    8. The same for Waterloo. It's not happening.

    Only a little bit crowded at Waterloo!

    9. And when you finally reach the platform, you may have to wait longer than two minutes for the tube.

    Waiting 8 minutes for the tube is basically like having an 8 hour plane delay #londonproblems

    It's simply unacceptable.

    10. Once you get on the tube, someone somehow manages to get their bag stuck in the closing doors, further delaying your journey.

    Need a Hand✋ mate? #londonproblems @Cjround72Chris 😂

    11. And you can't even live-tweet your frustration because there's no Wi-Fi.

    Worst part about being stuck in a tube tunnel is there's no wifi in tunnels so you have to whinge to your drafts folder #londonproblems

    12. And you're lucky not to be in a carriage where everyone is packed like sardines.

    The tube being so crowded that you can't reach down to your phone and skip a song #LondonProblems

    13. Random strangers falling asleep on you is basically inevitable. It's going to happen whether you like it or not.

    Somebody fell asleep on the tube.

    14. Or even worse, you fall asleep on the tube in a really awkward position.

    Throwback to tour when I travelled over night from wolves to london for ally pally and I fell asleep on the tube

    We've all been there.

    15. Only a true Londoner knows to stand on the right of the escalator. And it grinds your gears when others do not obey these unspoken rules.

    Yes, plz stand right in the middle of the step on the escalator w/ your arms out, so that no one can get past you 😒😡

    16. Sadly, the buses are no better.

    When you wait for the bus 20 minutes and it's full and the bus driver avoids eye contact with you and just drives away. #LondonStruggles

    17. And although night buses can be an amusing experience if you're drunk, sometimes they can be absolutely terrifying.

    18. Every Londoner knows that the struggle is real when it comes to money because London is so bloody expensive.

    I would like to get a bottle of wine and sit in a pub and drink it slowly and read, but also I only have £8 #londonproblems

    19. But it's no wonder you're broke when you have to spend 50p to use the loo.

    50p to use the toilet at Victoria station.. Taking the piss.. Literally #londonproblems

    20. Or 30p to do a poo.

    Paying 30p for a shit! Not impressed #Londonproblems

    21. You eventually become immune to the embarrassment of having your debit card declined, even if it's only for £1.95.

    When your card declines for £1.95. #broke #londonproblems

    22. Leaving the Oyster zone can be a strange and terrifying experience...

    @Viksta_ UGH tbh anywhere outside the oyster use zone seems like a different country to me 😪😪 #londonproblems

    23. ... So you'll always want to come back to your one true love: London.

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