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    23 Of The Strangest Things Spotted In London

    London is weird and wonderful.

    1. London is wonderful, but every once in a while you might spot something weird. Like a bride riding a Boris Bike while screaming in German.

    2. Or a terrapin riding a dead fox.

    If you want an image of London imagine a terrapin riding a dead fox in the Regents canal, forever.

    3. You might even walk past an deflated blow up doll on your way to work.

    4. Or see a hearse in a no parking zone being towed away.

    theghostofme / Reddit / Via

    5. Or a man juggling on a roof.

    6. Or find a bench with this lovely message.

    KennyLFC / Via

    7. You might find a photo of a man posing next to an animal carcass.

    8. You're guaranteed to spot weird things on public transport, like someone holding a kettle on a stick.

    Guy on the bus holding a kettle on a big stick #weirdlondon

    9. And random VHS copies of Hellraiser on top of a bus stop.

    Today's news: there are now 5 VHS copies of 'Hellraiser' on the bus stop roof on Old Kent Rd. #pinhead #weirdlondon

    10. A group of pandas making their way down the escalator.

    LaceEdges / Reddit / Via

    11. And signs like this.

    S1N4N / Reddit / Via

    12. You might walk past a Roman soldier off home after picking up a few things from Shepherds Bush Market.

    13. And zombie police on the beat.

    Walking through Piccadilly Circus and happened across a load of #zombie #police .. London is weird!!

    14. London loves animals, so you might find dogs in buggies.

    @rufusboo - there's a few! #weirdlondon

    15. Or a dog enjoying a cup of tea.

    #London is weird and magnificent at the same time.

    16. London signs are always brilliant, like this one in a pub.

    17. And this one behind a public bathroom door.

    AlexRosey / Via

    18. The street advertisements are also brilliant.

    London is hilarious (shop on Holloway Road)

    19. Londoners are friendly, so you might even be offered a free shrug.

    lethaljizzle / Via

    20. There are some things that you won't be able to explain, like this.

    21. And this window display spotted in Brick Lane.

    22. And this snotty cobbler in a shop window.

    23. But at the end of the day, we do have the best Grandpa DJs in the country!

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