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This Ridiculously Cute 13-Year-Old Has Become An Instagram Star Thanks To His Incredible Singing

“It’s so cool – everywhere I go I’m noticed,” Deno Driz said.

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Meet Deno Driz, a 13-year-old schoolkid from London.

Deno Driz

His Instagram page gets thousands of likes, comments, and has more than 28,000 followers thanks to his singing.

It all started in the playground with his good friend Jason who would "just do beats for fun".

Instagram: @denodriz

"I would jump in, and then harmonise. We thought it was cool so we started to video it," Deno told BuzzFeed.

Instagram: @denodriz

"It's so cool – everywhere I go I'm noticed, and all my videos are shared, and even really famous people like Stormzy and Geko have recognised me," he said.


UK rapper Stormzy even invited Deno to the studio to feature on a track for his upcoming album! 🙏

In studio with the young king @denodriz we got a joint on my album! 🙏💥 #MERKY 🌎

"It was MADDD!" Deno told BuzzFeed on Snapchat.

Deno Driz
Deno Driz

People just can't get enough of his singing 🙌

Instagram: @denodriz

Could he be the next The Weeknd?

Eritrean IG: denodriz ..the next Abel Tesfaye 😂

Despite the attention, the 13-year-old seems to be balancing his new-found fame and schoolwork pretty well. "It's not hard coping," he said. "You have to know when is the time for everything, even if you're on a tight schedule."

Instagram: @denodriz

He also said his family and friends are "so supportive" towards his singing, especially his mum. "They're always offering to take me to places, studios, and events to boost me up," he said.

Instagram: @denodriz

Deno encouraged his fans to always work hard: "No matter what, keep grinding 💯 ," he said.