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    This Adorable Hedgehog Who Was Dyed Pink For Fun Has Been Rescued

    "We really had to bite our tongues as we just wanted to get him out of there," Jacqueline Law, who rescued Pink Floyd the hedgehog, said.

    This is Pink Floyd.

    The tiny albino hedgehog was dyed pink by his previous owners for fun, but when they became bored of him, they put the animal up for sale online.

    Pink Floyd, or just Floyd for short – was rescued by Jacqueline Law, from Toronto, Canada. She told BuzzFeed News that he came into her life "very suddenly".

    It all started when a member of a hedgehog-related Facebook group that Law belongs shared a listing of a "rare pink albino hedgehog" for sale on classified ad website Kijiji.

    The 30-year-old office manager and executive assistant said it was clear the hedgehog was in a bad situation, and so Law and her boyfriend contacted Floyd's then owner and went to collect him.

    "We found out that they had purchased him from a pet store and had dyed him using 'poodle dye' for amusement – colouring hedgehogs is never a good idea, especially with the chemicals that they had used with Floyd," Law said.

    "We never did meet the original owner as [they were] busy, and Floyd was given to me in a shoebox. ... We really had to bite our tongues as we just wanted to get him out of there."

    Law and her boyfriend never intended to keep Pink Floyd – planning on assessing his health, and finding him a good home.

    But it didn't take them very long to fall in love with the tiny hedgehog, and decide to make him part of their family.

    "We felt terrible about the rough life he had," Law said. "The pink has never faded and will likely be with him forever ... [We] just didn't trust that other people would want him for the wonderful hedgehog that he is, but for the novelty of his coloured quills."

    Floyd is now firm friends with Law's pet dogs and fellow rescue hedgehog Sulivan (who used to steal the dog's chew toys while the pups watched in awe).

    Floyd, who is believed to be around 2 years old, is pretty outgoing compared to most hedgehogs and has a sweet personality, Law said.

    He also loves his new home, where he snacks on his favourite superworms and dehydrated liver treats, and runs on his wheel and crawls through tunnels.

    "[But] the thing he hates most are nail trims, and [he] will not hesitate to nip at you to show his displeasure," Law said.

    Law had originally created her Instagram account to document the lives of her dogs, but her hedgehogs and leopard geckos make an occasional guest appearance.

    Law said that when Floyd appears on Instagram the reactions towards him have been mostly positive.

    "Most people are in agreement that dyeing a hedgehog is never a good idea and bad for their health ... [and] many people are upset that someone would do something like that to an animal for entertainment [or] aesthetics," she said.

    "I am hoping all this attention Floyd has been getting will encourage people to think twice and do plenty of research before getting any pet – whether its a dog, cat, snake, hamster, hedgehog, they are dependent on their humans for their wellbeing and are a commitment for life.

    "Pictures that people see of adorable pets on social media are not a true representation of all the care, time, and financial responsibility it takes to own animals – they are only snippets of their lives."

    Law also had one message for people who think it's funny to dye their pets or treat them badly: "Do not buy pets impulsively – they are beautiful as they are."