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26 Struggles You'll Only Relate To If You're Petite And Have Big Boobs

You find a dress you love and everything fits you perfectly apart from the boob area.

1. Big boobs and a small frame might seem like a blessing from the outside, but the reality is completely different.


2. For a start, shopping is an absolute nightmare because nearly everything revolves around your boobs.

Your boobs play a massive role in what you can and can't wear.

3. Every shopping trip is the same: You find a dress you love, and everything fits you perfectly apart from the boob area.

Instagram / dollydeathhouse / Via

4. It's so, so annoying.

Reddit / GypsyBagelhands

5. You'd love to be able to buy cute little bralets and crop tops, but you know it would never work out because they would never fit your boobs.

6. The same goes for jumpsuits. Small dress sizes just don't cater for big boobs.

Reddit / Dipitydoodahdipityay

7. Neither do dresses and tops that come with bras built in.

8. And let's not even talk about swimsuits, because it's literally impossible find one that fits both your boobs and the rest of your small-framed body.

It's so hard to find a bathing suit that fits when you have a small body and big boobs. 🙄🙄

9. And even if you do discover a suitable swimsuit, you'll probably end up yanking it up all the time so your boobs don't escape.

10. Basically, shopping is just one continuous nightmare for small-framed people with larger chests.

11. Anyone with big boobs knows that they often attract (unwanted) attention. But no matter how much you try to cover up, they always find a way to expose themselves.

12. Wearing cross-body bags is a definite nope.

Reddit / Soakl

13. So over time you've come up with genius ways to disguise your cleavage, like wearing a racer-back vest back-to-front.

14. And other hacks like doubling up with sports bras for that much-needed extra support.

15. But affordable high street shops do not help our small-framed, big-boob struggle. They seem to think that boobs only grow to a D cup.

I hate how bras for big breasted ppl are 1) always ugly, 2) always hard 2 find and 3) always so expensive like wtf c'mon now

16. And if they do offer bigger sizes they're always plain or ugly AF.

17. It means we're forced to buy cute bras at the few and very expensive lingerie boutiques that offer bigger sizes. So when the sales are on it's an opportunity for us to stock up!

Reddit / DancingHarp

18. Anyone with big boobs knows that they seem to have a mind of their own.

625cliff / Reddit

19. They're so big that Snapchat filters mistake them for being an actual human face.

Tomboy123 / Reddit
Snapchat / Mabelynn Capeluj

20. Your own boobs even confuse you sometimes.

Reddit / Noys / BuzzFeed

21. And other times large boobs on a small frame can be a literal pain (in the back).

Idk why so many girls want big boobs. They are inconvenient af, cause back pain, make shirt buying and no-bra wearing near impossible

22. But there are lots of reasons why we love them. They catch fallen food for us.

Instagram / rachelcoop28

23. Which is really, really useful.

Sometimes I look down & realize I have food sitting on my chest from earlier. It's like a whole snack time I didn't plan! #PerksOfBigBoobs

24. You can also use them to smuggle drinks into nightclubs.

Instagram / zoeeleanor94

25. And they're excellent holders for phones, pens, and even nail polish.

Instagram / rebeccv
Instagram / jessicalynn0218

26. Despite all the annoying and inconvenient things about having big boobs, we know they're always there for us when shit gets real.

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