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    10 Of Coolest Vegan Joints In London Right Now!

    Remember when being vegan meant eating beige grains in a tiny boho-cafe, perhaps sporting a single caucasian dreadlock, hemp trousers and a toe-ring? That definitely is not the case these days - veganism is on the up and these are the 10 coolest places to eat cruelty-free food in London!

    1. Palm Vaults

    instagram @palmvaults / Via

    Palm Vaults is an independent plant-based cafe on Mare Street. If you thought the mini forest on display made for the perfect instagram snap - you should see their rainbow latte's! Try a turmeric, beetroot or green macha latte with your choice of almond or cashew mylk, all whilst sitting in Malibu Stacy heaven!

    Where to find it : Mare Street

    What to try : A rainbow latte and a raw cake

    2. Fed By Water

    Pasta Tricolore - FED by water / Via

    Vegan Italian food may sound like an ambitious coupling, but water-worshippers Fed By Water absolutely nail it! The concept is simple(ish) - creating authentic, Italian dishes whilst 'bringing the nutritional importance of pure water to the public conscience.' Removing all the 'nasties' from tap water to create delicious, nutritional food that is not only better for you, but better for the planet too!

    Where to find it : Dalston

    What to try : A Vegan Pizza

    3. Redemption Bar

    Redemption Bar / Via

    Rather ironically named Redemption Bar is a 100% vegan restaurant with a tagline reading 'spoil yourself without spoiling yourself'. What's ironic and equally unusual and appealing about this bar is that they do not serve any alcohol! But, that doesn't stop them from mixing up some of the best cocktails in London.

    They kind of have a point though - why do we always need to get wasted to enjoy each others company?

    Where to find it : Old Street

    What to try : Quinoa Maki Rolls

    4. Mildreds Kings Cross

    Mildreds / Via

    Mildreds is an oldie but a goodie. Their Soho branch predates Taylor Swift and the Gameboy! But 28 years on and they are more relevant than ever. The avant garde of cool and creative vegan food, with bursts of flavour and influences from all around the world.

    Mildreds recently opened two new branches in Camden and Kings Cross, both much more spacious than their trendy but cramped older sister in Soho.

    Where to find it : Kings Cross, with branches in Soho and Camden too

    What to try : The Polish Burger

    5. Black Cat Cafe

    Black Cat Cafe / Via

    Black Cat Cafe is a 100% vegan cafe in the heart of Hackney. It's not pretentious in the slightest, the staff are super nice and food is wholesome. The menu changes daily and they serve delicious vegan breakfasts every weekend!

    Where to find it : Hackney

    What to try : The Sweet Potato Curry

    6. Pomodoro E Basilico

    Pomodoro E Basilico / Via Facebook: PomoBasilico

    Drop everything this weekend and make your way to Pomodoro E Basilico's stall on Brick Lane. It all started as a supper club and then vegan cooking lessons, now Sara is bringing her one-woman-show to Brick Lane every weekend! Find the most delicious vegan treats and burgers that could fool even the most hardened meat eaters!

    Where to find it : Brick Lane (Saturday & Sunday)

    What to try : The Bad Burger & A Vegan Twix!

    7. Cookies and Scream Bakery

    Cookies and Scream / Via Instagram: @cookiesandscreambakery

    Vegan or not, if you haven't tried Cookies and Scream you haven't lived. Everything is vegan and gluten-free but it's not like anyone would ever be able to tell. They're a tiny family-run bakery, which means once it's gone, it's gone! So get there early!

    You will never, ever enjoy sweeter vegan treats than these!

    Where to find it : Camden Market

    What to try : A chocolate donut and a peanut butter mylkshake

    8. The Mae Deli


    If there were any doubts that veganism wasn't more popular than ever, i would urge to to look at the worldwide sales of Deliciously Ella's books. With healthy, yet flavoursome recipes - Ella Woodward has helped plant-based diets become more popular, making them more accessible and appealing to younger generations. While 12 percent of the total UK population has decided to ditch meat, that percentage jumps to 20 for people between the ages of 16 and 24!

    Ella brings her recipes to life at The Mae Deli, basically the Ottolenghi of vegan food!

    Where to find it :
    Marble Arch

    What to try : Create your own Mae Bowl!

    9. Farmacy London


    Farmacy is a vegan delight. The food is beautiful and the interior is smart yet relaxed. There are some classic vegan staples on the menu, but you won't be finding any limp, wet salads or tasteless vegan pastas here! Instead you'll find a colourful celebration of ethically sourced vegan ingredients that come together to create all the joys of comfort food, without the guilt.

    Where to find it : Notting Hill

    What to try : Middle East Super Bowl

    10. Vanilla Black


    If you are looking for a plate of food so beautiful it could hang seamlessly next to a Miro at the Tate Modern, you'll want to visit Vanilla Black. They may not take themselves too seriously, their Twitter bio reads : 'Pretentious vegetarian restaurant which tries too hard.' But they definitely do take their experimental, contemporary vegetarian dishes seriously! A little bit on the pricey side, but you get what you pay for when each ingredient stands out as the hero of the dish!

    Where to find it : Chancery Lane

    What to try : Fried Porridge, spring greens and broad beans

    As of 2015 one in eight British adults now follow a vegetarian or vegan diet. Obviously the restaurants above are doing something right! It's possible to enjoy flavoursome, hearty, cutting edge food without costing an animals life and further damaging the environment.
    What are your thoughts? Would you go vegan?

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