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    12 Things Which Will Happen Before You Explore All Of No Man's Sky

    With No Man's Sky developers Hello Games recently announcing that there will be 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 planets to explore on release, someone very bright calculated that, if you were to spend a second on each planet, it would take around 5 billion years to explore the whole thing. That's a long time, so here is a list of some stuff that might happen before you manage to see it all.

    1. The Simpsons will run out of content

    2. Half Life 3 will be confirmed

    3. The latest iPhone will be so thin, it'll be inside out

    4. Mankrik will have found his wife

    5. The Sun will burn out

    6. There will be more species of Pokémon than there are people

    7. Roy Keane might actually smile

    8. The Westboro Baptist Church will have their first gay member

    9. Dr. Dre will release his 'Detox' album

    10. Battlefield 4 will work properly

    11. Snoop Dogg will renounce the reefer

    12. 5D printing / Via Google

    I was originally going to put 4D printing here, until I found out it's actually a thing. Some bright people have found a way to print stuff with the capability of transforming into something pre-determined. Pretty bananas, eh?

    If I was to be pedantic, I'd complain that it's not really fourth dimensional printing, but in reality Stratasys has kind of called dibs. Instead, I'm going to go with 5D printing which has definitely not been done yet. Infact, I'm not really sure how you would print in 4D (isn't that 'time', or something?) and I couldn't even tell you what the fifth dimension actually is, so I bid the human race the best of luck.

    Besides, this is the concern of mere mortals, not the cool person planet hopping through the No Man's Sky universe (that's you, by the way!).