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12 Dance Moves For People Who Can't Dance

As illustrated by Solange GIFs. Leave those wallflower days behind.

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1. The Neck Shimmy

Terrible Records / Via

Put your hands on your hips. Now move your neck from side to side. Easy as pie.

2. The Chin Pose

Terrible Records / Via

Don't forget to lean back for that extra groovy effect.

3. The Punch Punch Kick

Terrible Records / Via

(Just make sure no one is in front of you.)

4. Surprise Jazz Hands

Terrible Records / Via

For when they least expect it.

5. The Mini Shuffle

Terrible Records / Via

It's cute, and doesn't take up too much room.

6. The Hurricane spin

Terrible Records / Via

Find the nearest wall. Spin and whip your hair against it. (But you might want to practice this one at home a few times before trying it in public.)

7. The Clap

Terrible Records / Via

For when you're too shy (or haven't had enough alcohol) to get down on the dance floor.

8. The Stop Sign

Terrible Records / Via

Stretch your arms out in front of you. Palms up. Now shake your head, shake it like a polaroid picture.

9. The Groovy Butterfly

Terrible Records / Via

This one is good exercise too.

10. The Step 'N' Click

Terrible Records / Via

Sway those hips.

11. The Step Bounce Step

Terrible Records / Via

(Looks good as long as you do it to the beat)

12. The Hair Flick

Terrible Records / Via

You'll need this one for the haters.

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