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    Best Memes About "The Vampire Diaries"

    Let's visit Mystic Falls again.

    It's been nearly five years since The Vampire Diaries waved goodbye, but the story, characters, dialogues, and everything related to Mystic Falls beat hard in the chests of fans.

    Nathalie Kelley and Ian Somerhalder in a scene

    1. Let's start with a fun rhyme.

    "Jingle bells, Kai smells, Sybil go away, Damon is hot, Finn is not, TVD all the way"

    2. The Salvatore bros were quite protective of Elena and could go to any length to keep her out of harm's way. If you wanna hurt her, you better watch your back.

    3. This meme will hit hard for many fans. The first and the last interactions of the brothers, united by the same words but separated by totally opposite emotions.

    4. Damon is always ready with his witticisms. Here he is snarkily commenting on the surfeit of doppelgängers romping around Mystic Falls.

    5. Same person physically. But Damon's interest is piqued only when she is being truculent. Thanks to Ariana Grande for helping Elena express herself.

    6. The intra-brother dynamics can be emotional sometimes, but it sure is jocose. Damon always treats Stefan like a whiny kid who's trying to project more power than he actually has.

    7. The Vampire Diaries came out at a time when the world was facing an entirely different pandemic: The Twilight Saga movies. People have always loved to hate The Twilight Saga movies, and many fans of The Vampire Diaries used to mock The Twilight Saga.

    8. Ted poses a prudent question: Since Mystic Falls is chock-full of vampires, witches, and assorted magical beings, who will remain in the town once these supernatural citizens flee?

    Paul Wesley talks to someone and there's a teddy bear in the bottom pic

    9. Again highlights how Damon is always ready to violently give it back. His preferred ink is blood.

    Matt Davis (Your daughter got into a fight today at school), Nina Dobrev (Is she okay?!), and Ian Somerhalder (Did she win?) in different frames of the meme

    10. Careful what you wish for, girl!

    11. OK! So Bonnie's consistent dying and undying desensitized many fans, or at least some fans. Whenever we felt she was done for good, a few episodes later, ta-da...

    Candice King on the phone looking concerned with "Me when Bonnie died the first time" text, and Nina Dobrev waving in the school hallway with text "Me when she died the fifth time"

    12. We all have our addictions that we have a craving to satisfy.

    Stefan: Addicted to blood; Damon: Addicted to bourbon; Me (as Scrat from Ice Age movies): Addicted to TV (in the form of The Vampire Diaries)

    13. Damon disposed of so many characters.

    A man makes a V sign and poses in front of someone's grave

    14. There were two camps among the fans: the Delenas (who shipped Elena and Damon) and Stelenas (who shipped Elena and Stefan). But both lost their shit when Elena fell for Liam. Thankfully, it didn't last long.

    Elena and Liam kissing on top and Stefan and Damon in bottom photo looking nauseated and vomiting as "Delena & Stelena fans"

    15. Bonnie and Enzo deserved to be together. Fans were super mad when Enzo died.

    16. Fans love to lampoon the series for its tendency to put leading characters (who obviously have plot armors) on their death beds, only for them to last till the final season.

    17. Bonnie and Damon are totally comfortable with each other, and their chemistry is superb.

    18. Highlights how Damon changed to be a whole different person. He used to enjoy hurting and humiliating people. As the series progressed, he became someone who could see the best in others. Also shows how Caroline matured over the series.

    19. Finally! A win for Stefan.

    Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev kiss in the top photo while Paul Wesley looks at Candice King in bottom photo